Get Up and Walk: January 10, 2019

While the holidays are over, you may still be enjoying the sweet treats and holiday habits. “Kind of during the holidays, you get out of your routine, you’re going out on functions, you’re going to events, the Million Mile Movement gets you to reset,” said Cheryl Schlichte, a personal health advocate with Lee Health.

From walking to lifting, even dancing, the Million Mile Movement is a 90-day community challenge to get you up and to move. “It’s a community activity, its community cooperation. This is just a great opportunity for everyone to work together and for anyone and everyone to get out and get active,” she said.

To participate, check out After you set up your profile, you can download the app which allows you to log all of your physical activity—whether it’s walking, swimming, or cycling. “Anything you want to do. Just get out and move! The more you move, the more miles we rack up and the more successful we are overall,” said Schlichte.

If you need help staying motivated, create a team and do the challenge together. “It’s all about being together, moving together, socializing is really great, it really helps with your longevity,” she said.

The app will also allow you to track your progress and the progress of other teams and individuals participating in the challenge. “The Million Mile Movement challenge is a community challenge, and it’s really designed to unite the community in a healthy lifestyle,” said Schlichte.

From January 15th to April 15th, the goal is for the community to accomplish one million miles altogether. A challenge designed to improve your health and wellness, while bringing you one step closer to a healthier lifestyle.