Lifting Your Mood, Improving Your Health: April 29, 2019

It’s a positive experiment designed to lift people’s moods. “You can tell me to think positively, you can tell me what’s good for me, but what this program really teaches you is why,” said June Hunter-Clark, a Project Life participant.

Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Darren Morton created the Lift Project as an educational adventure to help people improve their health and increase their joy. “It draws together the latest findings in positive psychology, lifestyle medicine, and neuroscience,” said Cheryl Neal, a Lift Project coordinator with Lee Health.

During the ten-week class, participants can watch, listen, or read a different lesson. Then they are a given weekly challenge to help them improve their thoughts and lift their mood.

“He takes really complicated segments and brings it down to a highly practical and applicable level, and I think that’s really the beauty in the program,” said Donna McVety, a Lift Project participant.

Participants can then meet at the Healthy Life Center to discuss the week’s lesson and challenge.

“We had a step where we have three positive things. At the end of the day, my husband and I talk about what were the three things today, and that teaches you how to think positively and focus on the positive,” said Hunter-Clark.

The program explains the link between our thoughts, activities, and how the brain deals with emotion. “It’s just an awareness of simple things that you can do every day, and all of these things feed that part of your brain that controls your emotions and your feelings,” said Neal.

Spending time outside, finding things to be grateful for, and complimenting others are just a few of the ways the program focuses on lifting your life.