August 1 , 2017

Mission Statement Shapes Who We Are

Larry Antonucci

Larry Antonucci

Last fall, when our health system transitioned from Lee Memorial Health System to Lee Health, it was not done to simply change our name and introduce a new logo and color scheme. It was to set forth a renewed and expanded commitment to caring for our community through greater coordination and collaboration, not just in our hospitals and outpatient centers, but also when working with our patients to more proactively manage their health and wellness.

As we settled in as Lee Health, we recognized the need to introduce and unite all of Lee Health under new mission, vision and values that better reflect our commitment to improve coordination of care and inspire healthier lifestyles. I want to focus on what our new mission, vision and values mean to the work we do every day and night, and to the care and support our community receives.

Mission: To be a trusted partner, empowering healthier lives through care and compassion.

This mission statement shapes who we are—a team of doctors, nurses, hospital and administrative staff, and volunteers who work together to provide high quality, reliable, compassionate care. We provide this high level of care for our patients whether they are in our hospitals, outpatient centers, walk-in clinics, specialty care or primary care offices, wellness centers, or when they are participating in any of our community outreach programs or services. We partner with our patients to get them well after an illness or injury, and we encourage and empower them to take control of their health and wellness through their adoption of healthier lifestyles.

Our mission should shape our actions—not just in the way we deliver care, but also in the ways we serve our community as caring people, inspiring health. In order to continuously improve and transform our organization and the health of our community, we must commit to living our mission every day, in every interaction with our patients, their families and our colleagues.

Yours in Health,

Larry Antonucci signatureLarry Antonucci, M.D., MBA

President & CEO, Lee Health

Thank you for your support. Together we are Caring People. Inspiring Health.