July 1, 2018

Inspiring Health: Be Prepared during Hurricane Season

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Larry Antonucci

We’re a month into another hurricane season. With five months left to go, and an active season predicted, it’s important to remain prepared for the possibility of a storm. In light of experiences and lessons learned last year with Hurricane Irma, we want to remind you of the ways you can prepare during hurricane season, particularly in regards to any medical needs.

Here are some important things to consider:

  • Be sure to have refills of your prescriptions. Florida law allows pharmacies to fill prescriptions in advance during hurricane warnings.
  • Think ahead about preserving refrigerated drugs, like insulin, in case the power goes out. In an emergency, you can reach out to the Red Cross or poison control for assistance in determining a drug’s safety.
  • Know the details of your medical equipment, including the size, manufacturer, and company and account numbers.
  • Stock up on batteries, especially if you require batteries that need to be special ordered.
  • Consider medical supplies, including catheters and dressings, as well as dietary restrictions, and be sure you have appropriate supplies and options available.
  • Build or restock your disaster supplies kit, including food, water, flashlights, batteries, chargers, cash and first aid supplies.
  • Scan important documents, such as medication logs, insurance papers, etc., and store them on a flash drive in a safety deposit box. Lee Health uses an electronic health record system (Epic), so our patients have one seamless\health record across the system.

One of the most important things to do to prepare for hurricane season is to determine if you or your loved ones need access to a special care shelter. It’s important to understand that Lee Health hospitals and facilities are not hurricane shelters. If you or a loved one requires assistance that exceeds services provided at a general population shelter, you must preregister with Lee County Emergency Management. Click http://www.leegov.com/publicsafety/emergencymanagement for more information.

Lee Health is here to care for our community before, during and after any storm. Southwest Florida had been fortunate with many years of quiet hurricane seasons before Hurricane Irma last year. Since we cannot predict what this year’s season will bring, we must be prepared, especially considering our own health and medical needs.

Yours in Health,

Larry Antonucci signatureLarry Antonucci, M.D., MBA

President & CEO, Lee Health

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