January 1, 2019

We’re Here to Help Make 2019 a Healthy, Happy New Year

Join the Million Mile Movement to Jumpstart a Physical Activity Goal

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Larry Antonucci

Happy New Year! 2018 was a great year of growth for Lee Health. With new locations, like Lee Health Coconut Point, the Healthy Life Center and the Lee Physician Group office in Babcock Ranch, the expansion of the Healthy Life Center to Cape Coral, and the Lee Community Healthcare office and the new rehabilitation clinic in Lehigh Acres, we have expanded in new and exciting ways to help you reach your health and wellness goals in 2019.

If you’re looking for ways to focus on your health and wellness in the New Year, a good place to start is getting established with a primary care provider, if you don’t already have one, and getting a yearly checkup. Your primary care provider may be a medical doctor (M.D.), a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.), a physician assistant (PA) or an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). This provider is the person you will see for annual wellness exams and other routine screenings, as well as non-emergency sick visits. He or she answers any health questions or concerns you may have; assists you with setting health goals and refers you to other medical specialists when needed. Consider your primary care provider’s office your medical home. You can find a doctor here.

Once you’ve established your medical home and gotten your annual physical, you will know which areas of your health and wellness you should prioritize—whether that is nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, mental and behavioral health or a combination of those.

Next, surrounding yourself with other people who are working toward similar health and wellness goals will help you stay on track and inspired. At Lee Health, this is where the Healthy Life Centers can help. These centers provide a variety of services and educational events that support healthy lifestyles, early detection of disease and chronic disease management. All of the Healthy Life Centers’ programming is dedicated to maintaining and improving health. The newest Healthy Life Center at Lee Health Coconut Point has an impressive teaching kitchen for hands-on learning. The full lineup of Healthy Life Centers and more information about their offerings can be found here.

Another way to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle is to set a specific goal for physical activity. The American Heart Association suggests at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise to improve overall cardiovascular health. Healthy Lee’s Million Mile Movement is a great way to jumpstart your physical activity goal. The Million Mile Movement, which runs Jan. 15-April 15, challenges everyone in Lee County to get more active by moving a collective 1,000,000 miles. Click here to learn more about this challenge and use the website to track your healthy activities.

As our community’s major destination for health care, and as a mission-driven organization dedicated to being your trusted partner, we’re here to support you with services, programs and inspiration to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Yours in Health,

Larry Antonucci signatureLarry Antonucci, M.D., MBA

President & CEO, Lee Health

Thank you for your support. Together we are Caring People. Inspiring Health.