Steps in the billing process

After your visit, you may receive a series of statements from us regarding payment of your care. Statements are sent approximately two weeks apart until your account is settled if you have private insurance, or no insurance. Statements are sent approximately one month apart until your account is settled if you have Medicare.

This short video illustrates our billing process:
Summary statement

Within two weeks of your hospital visit – usually four days after registration, you should receive a summary statement letter listing all of your hospital charges. If you have insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, the amounts on the bill will not reflect payment we may receive from these insurers on your behalf, but they will be applied to your account and deducted from your patient bill. The letter also includes information on our billing process and policies, as well as numbers to call if you have questions.

If you do not have insurance, this summary statement does serve as a bill. Contact us immediately to discuss payment plans if you are unable to pay your bill in full. If you do not pay our bill or contact us, your account may be forwarded to a collection agency.

Click here to see an example of a Summary Statement.

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