Lee Health is dedicated to providing you and your family with a positive experience. Education is an important part of learning how to live a long healthy life with heart disease. We want you to understand your condition and treatment, and get all of your questions answered. The following resources will provide you and your family with the information you need while you are in the hospital and when you return home.

Patient & Caregiver Resources

Cardiac Support Services

Other Resources For Patients and Families

Spiritual Services promote holistic care for body, mind and spirit by addressing the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, families, employees, volunteers and faith communities through the collaborative efforts of our staff, including chaplains, parish nurses, ethics counselors, bereavement coordinator and our Critical Incident Stress Response (CISR) team. For more information about spiritual serves, please call 239-343-5199.

Language assistance: We recognize that communication between our hospital team and patients is vital to providing compassionate health care. Should you need language assistance, please let your nurse know. For more information about language assistance, contact our language assistance coordinator at 239-424-3806.

Art therapy utilizes art media and the creative process to help patients in their healing and recovery. Art therapy can help patients decrease anxiety, manage stress, and deal with emotional issues. For more information about art therapy, please call the Arts in health care at 239-343-5055.