Support Groups

Lee Health offers the following support groups for heart patients, families, caregivers and those interested in joining:

Mended Hearts Support Group

Mended Hearts is a volunteer organization consisting of people who have heart disease, their spouses, family members, medical professionals and other interested individuals.

We are a support group that visits patients before and after surgery, cardiac catheterization and angioplasty. We meet monthly at HealthPark to have open discussions with guest speakers. This group offers support to those with similar experiences.

Members receive HEARTBEAT, the national quarterly journal and an insignia pin. Everyone will receive a newsletter for three months even if they don't join the organization.

There are millions of people who have had cardiac events — from procedures such as angioplasty to surgery, including valve repairs and even transplants — and the number increases each year by nearly half of a million.

The local South Fort Myers chapter was formed in December, 2002.

For additional information please call:
Lex Roulston, Tel. 239-432-0985
E-Mail: Contact the Mended Hearts
National Mended Hearts website:

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Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Support Group

This is a community-wide support group for patients with ICDs, their families and caregivers. The purpose of an ICD is to continuously monitor the patient's rhythm, diagnose rhythm changes, and treat life-threatening ventricular dyrhythmias.

Meetings are held approximately five times a year and are designed to meet the educational needs of patients with ICDs.

The goal of this support group is to assist the individual and their families to deal with the psychosocial issues regarding living with an ICD. Participants share their concerns and reinforce their knowledge during informal group meetings.

Speakers discuss topics of interest and encourage open discussions identifying real-life situations and how to cope with them effectively.

There is no charge for participation in the ICD support group. The not-for-profit support system is funded entirely by device manufacturers, generous donors, and Lee Health.

For additional information please call:
Joyce or Valerie at 239-343-0169

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