pediatric cardiology

About Pediatric Cardiology

When it’s your child’s heart, you want the best care possible. It could be an alarming dizzy spell while playing sports or a family history of heart abnormalities that has you searching for a pediatric cardiologist. The experts at our pediatric cardiology department are ready when you need them.

The highly skilled and well regarded pediatric cardiologists at Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida treat a wide range of acquired and congenital heart conditions using the latest advances. But there’s more here than just trained specialists and superb facilities. You will find a team committed to fostering a warm and reassuring environment for families.

Services we offer

Our team diagnoses and provides ongoing care for heart defects, both simple and complex. We also treat and provide follow-up care for Kawasaki disease. This is the leading cause of heart disease in children who were not born with a heart problem.

We will evaluate your child and we may use tests such as an echocardiogram, an electrocardiogram and exercise testing. The tests that your child needs will depend on their symptoms and what we find during their exam.

Our pediatric cardiologists are specialized in taking care of the hearts of children. They have many decades of combined experience. All are board certified or board eligible.

Along with giving your child state-of-the-art care, our providers take time to fully explain your child's condition and answer any questions you have.

Some of our patients keep seeing our team even after they become adults. This is important because some patients still need care from experts in heart problems that start in childhood.