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About Pediatric

For children who are going through treatment, but do not need to be hospitalized, Barbara’s Friends Outpatient Center provides the therapy they need in a kid-friendly environment. Large playrooms and other amenities help ease the anxiety associated with doctor’s visits, chemotherapy and procedures. Staff members make every effort to ensure that visits are pleasant and as painless as possible.

Anesthesia is provided for all children requiring a painful procedure, such as a bone marrow biopsy or spinal tap. Providing anesthesia decreases anxiety and trauma for all involved.

Our goal is to keep families together and provide local treatment so that these families are able to keep some normalcy in their lives and allow parents to stay physically and emotionally close to their sick child.

The Story Behind Barbara's Friends

Barbara Haskell who lost her life at the young age of 32 to breast cancer is the inspiration and spirit behind her namesake, Barbara’s Friends. After a four-year battle with her illness, Barbara marveled at the bravery of children with cancer. She often wondered how they could cope with the treatments that were sometimes as difficult as the disease itself. After her passing, her parents Betty and Frank Haskell helped make her wish to help children come true by establishing

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