Gauge Your Walking/Running Patterns with Gait Analysis

From foot pain to spine pain - gait analysis can help

Outpatient Rehabilitation at City Center in Fort Myers has a unique tool for analyzing a patient’s walking and running mechanics. Physical therapist Kath Kinross says the center’s video motion analysis system helps in the assessment and rehabilitation of a person’s injuries, as well as helps to prevent future ones.

A gait analysis video analyzes the interaction of the person’s entire body and evaluates how problems in one area may negatively affect the overall gait pattern, says Kath Kinross, a physical therapist with Outpatient Rehabilitation at City Center.

Patients with minor health ailments and those with more significant medical problems can benefit from having their gait analyzed on a treadmill, which is outfitted with two wide motion capture cameras: one positioned from the side and one from behind the patient. The video is linked to a computer that digitally captures the patient’s gait pattern.

By analyzing the slightest recorded movement, Kath says the patient’s gait is broken down to determine the potential problem. “We only need about thirty seconds of video to analyze the feet, knees, hips, all the way up to how a person holds his or her head while moving,” Kath says.

A person doesn’t need a perfect gait to run or walk for exercise, she adds. “Runners or walkers who are training often come to us with minor knee, hip or foot pain to see how they can straighten it out while they continue their training,” Kath says. “But, patients with more significant medical problems behind their gait or balance issues are usually referred by a physician for medical rehabilitation evaluation.” She explains that most health care insurances cover the cost of skilled therapy services. However, the center’s clients who elect to use video motion analysis to improve their running will have to pay out of pocket for the service.

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