Kidney Recipient and Lee Health—Transplant Institute Team-Up for ‘Incredible’ Results

It take a well aligned team working together

Long-time Fort Myers resident Dave Ferreira, originally from Boston, is certainly “Boston Strong” after undergoing a kidney transplant. When asked how he felt one week after the procedure, the 38-year-old grinned. “Incredible...unbelievable.”

Dave received his kidney in March at the Lee Health—Transplant Institute at Gulf Coast Medical Center, which opened March 20 after a year-long hiatus as the only option for kidney transplantation between Miami and Tampa.

The tenderness Dave felt on his right side after the operation also described the type of care he received from the institute’s multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, financial counselors, and administrative staff, all of whom made the institute’s transplantation a resounding success.

“It’s a collaborative process,” says Lynsey Biondi, M.D. a transplant surgeon and the institute’s program director. “We’re aligned as a team and we all work together.”

“It could not have been a better start,” says Gautham Mogilishetty, M.D., transplant nephrologist and the institute’s medical director. “Thirty-five percent of patients on dialysis die within five years. Without organ transplantation, patients like Dave have dramatically decreased survival rates. Receiving a transplant helps people like him return to a normal life and eliminates the need for dialysis.”

The institute focuses on “taking the patient all along the way of his or her journey.”

-Lynsey Biondi, M.D.

The institute focuses on “taking the patient all along the way of his or her journey,” Dr. Biondi says. Dave’s transplant team followed him through his preoperative care, transplant hospitalization, postoperative care and his outpatient follow-up. During the coming years, Drs. Biondi and Mogilishetty and transplant team members will continue to monitor Dave’s progress. Dr. Biondi says the institute will “follow Dave, as we do with all our patients,” for the rest of his life.

Walking, which used to fatigue him, is no longer “a drag,” Dave says. ”After I get home, I don’t have to lie down right away because I’m tired.” He’s excited, but admits the transplant team “may be more excited than I am.”

Dave says he and his girlfriend intend to travel soon, an activity formerly restricted before his transplant. Hopefully, his girlfriend will be able to keep up with him.

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