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When Harry Muller began the 8-week weight loss exercise program at the Wellness Center – Cape Coral, his “body age” was calculated at 62 years. That was according to free body age assessment the Wellness Center offers. Harry’s real, or chronological, age was 55.

The body age assessment is a comprehensive battery of tests that helps determine your level of fitness, which is reported as your “body age.” “The better you score in the selected testing categories, the lower your body age,” says Mathieu Knapp, lead exercise specialist at the Wellness Center. “The lower your body age, the more fit you are.”

Harry recalls gaining weight after a few surgeries, which inspired him to enroll in the Wellness Center weight loss exercise program in February. The program is available for members and non-members. “I’d been a member of the Wellness Center a long time ago, but I stopped going,” Harry says. “Now, I knew I needed help.”

Determined to lose weight while improving his fitness, Harry met with health and wellness coach Sarah Mitchell to discuss his health and fitness goals. He also committed to half-hour personal training sessions with Mathieu.

“When you enroll in our two-month weight loss exercise program, you not only receive the free body age assessment, but also three lifestyle coaching sessions and four sessions with a certified personal trainer,” explains Sarah, who is also the health and wellness coordinator with Lee Health. “The program takes eight weeks to complete. We’re with you every week of your program to help you reach your goals and set new ones, too, as you progress.”

Inspired by his improved health and fitness levels, Harry kept exercising after completing the 8-week program. He joined the Wellness Center and increased his personal training sessions with Mathieu to three times a week. Ten months later, Harry reports his body age has dropped from 62 years to 51 years. “I’ve toned up, doubled my strength, and lost 5 percent of my body fat,” he says. “I feel great.”

The Wellness Center offers body age assessments to help participants track their fitness progress. Some or all of the following tests are used to calculate body age:

  • Resting blood pressure and heart rate
  • Height and weight
  • Flexibility test
  • Body composition
  • Cardio-fitness test
  • Muscular strength and endurance

The assessment provides a nine-page report that breaks down each part of the test. “If your body age is older than your chronological age, the report recommends an obtainable body age and tips on how to get there,” Mathieu says. “We also help by creating programs specific to each participant.”

To learn more about the Wellness Center weight loss exercise program, call Sarah Mitchell at 239-424-3231.

Harry Muller (left) has reduced his ‘body age’ by 11 years in his workouts with Mathieu Knapp, lead exercise specialist.

Community Weight Management Exercise Program Motivates in a Group Setting

The Wellness Centers, in partnership with the Healthy Life Center at Coconut Point, offers a weight management exercise program for anyone in the community. The 8-week program features a fitness instructor who leads 30 minutes of group activity. A lifestyle coach or dietitian also sparks a dynamic 30-minute discussion on nutrition and better eating habits. The program meets once a week.

The program is available only at the Healthy Life Center at Coconut Point. To learn more about the community weight management exercise program or to enroll, call Sarah Mitchell at 239-424-3231.

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