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Date Video Title Category Script
12/31/14 Grazing Tips to Chew On Diet/Nutrition script
12/29/14 Strokes Striking the Young Neurology script
12/28/14 Simple Screening for Newborn Hearts Pediatrics script
12/27/14 Rolling Back Your Diabetes Risk Diabetes script
12/26/14 Cardiac Rehab: Giving Your Heart Some Love Cardiology script
12/25/14 Getting Back on Your Feet


12/24/14 A New Light on Healing Orthopedics script
12/23/14 A Hopeful Treatment for Brain Tumors


12/22/14 A New Safety Boost for Older Kids Pediatrics script
12/21/14 Picking up on Parkinson’s Rehabilitation script
12/20/14 MP3 Generation Risk Losing Their Sense Pediatrics script
12/19/14 Giving Your Back a Break Spine Care script
12/18/14 Double Trouble - 2 Types of MRSA

Infectious Disease

12/17/14 Expectant Moms and Whooping Cough Vaccine Pediatrics script
12/16/14 Digging into Cancer’s Genes


12/15/14 Taking Food to Heart Diet/Nutrition script
12/14/14 Head & Neck Cancers Rising Cancer script
12/13/14 Open MRI Has You Covered Imaging script
12/12/14 Poor Sleep Weighing Heavy on Kids Pediatrics script
12/11/14 RA Creating Trouble Underfoot


12/09/14 The Great Vitamin Debate


12/08/14 It’s All Personal in Palliative Care Palliative Care script
12/07/14 ADHD Kids Missing Therapy Pediatrics script
12/06/14 Smart Pills Providing Answers Gastroenterology script
12/05/14 What Your Tummy Could Be Telling You Primary Care script
12/04/14 Modern Approach To Shoulder Repair


12/03/14 To Stent or Not to Stent Cardiology script
12/02/14 Getting A Feel for Your Breasts Cancer script
12/01/14 Does Your Flu Need A Doctor? Primary Care script
11/30/14 Brushing Up On Kid’s Oral Hygiene Pediatrics script
11/29/14 The Breakdown on Joints Orthopedics script
11/28/14 Advanced Treatment for Gyno Cancers- 5 Years & Counting Cancer script
11/27/14 Don’t Stuff Yourself This Thanksgiving


11/26/14 Too Many Children Riding Risky Pediatrics script
11/25/14 When Pain Becomes Your Problem Pain Management script
11/24/14 A Leaky Heart Valve Cardiology script
11/23/14 Graves’ Disease- The Mystery Malady Primary Care script
11/22/14 Mono Not Growing Old Pediatrics script
11/21/14 Foot Pain- Fashion Victim Orthopedics script
11/20/14 Getting a Read on Your Heart Cardiology script
11/19/14 Keeping Your Balance Wellness script
11/18/14 When Melanoma is More Thank Skin Deep Cancer script
11/17/14 Tolerating Lactose Intolerance Gastroenterology script
11/16/14 At Home with COPD Pulmonology script
11/15/14 A Pharmacist on the Floor Awareness script
11/14/14 Giving Your Kids a Running Start Pediatrics script
11/13/14 Keeping an Eye on A-fib Cardiology script
11/12/14 Prostate Surgery: Working with Robots Cancer script
11/11/14 Flying High with New Shoulders Orthopedics script
11/10/14 The Dirty Truth About MRSA Awareness script
11/09/14 Digital Diet Diary Diet/Nutrition script
11/08/14 Thawing Out A Frozen Shoulder Orthopedics script
11/07/14 Door to Balloon Time Cardiology script
11/06/14 Closed Head Injuries Neurology script
11/05/14 Morning Sickness Misery Women’s Health script
11/04/14 Soothing a Scared Child Pediatrics script
11/03/14 Faster Recovery with Anti-Gravity Treadmill Rehabilitation script
11/02/14 Hypertension- The Heart’s Hidden Disease Cardiology script
11/01/14 Let’s Get Physical Wellness script
10/31/14 A Workplace Checkup Wellness script
10/30/14 Bouncing Back After Joint Surgery Orthopedics script
10/29/14 Putting the Power to Brain Tumors Neurology script
10/28/14 Finding Your Balance Rehabilitation script
10/27/14 The 411 on Enterovirus 68 Pediatrics script
10/26/14 Side-Stepping a Hip Fracture Orthopedics script
10/25/14 Waking up to Sleep Apnea Pediatrics script
10/24/14 A UTI Making You Sick? Urology script
10/23/14 Things to Consider Before Taking T Men’s Health script
10/22/14 Uncovering Facts on Silent Stroke Neurology script
10/21/14 Star Power: the Angelina Effect Sparks Gene Screens Cancer script
10/20/14 Tots & Toothpaste Pediatrics script
10/19/14 It’s All in the Knees Orthopedics script
10/18/14 Pain Management- Worth a Shot Pain Management script
10/17/14 Steering Clear of the Widow Maker Cardiology script
10/16/14 Hidden Sugar Bombs Diet/Nutrition script
10/15/14 Looking In-Depth at Breast Screening Cancer script
10/14/14 Babies’ Building Blocks of Vaccinations Pediatrics script
10/13/14 Severe Morning Sickness - The Royal Treatment Women’s Health script
10/12/14 Colonoscopy- Up Close and Personal Gastroenterology script
10/11/14 Compound Fractures, Compounding Complications Orthopedics script
10/10/14 Going Radioactive on Graves’ Primary Care script
10/09/14 Women, Migraines & Botox Neurology script
10/08/14 Giving BMI Proper Weight Wellness script
10/07/14 Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease on the Move Pediatrics script
10/06/14 Heating up Severe Adult Asthma Pulmonology script
10/05/14 Patient Centered Medical Home Awareness script
10/04/14 Breaking Down the Facts on Brain Aneurysm Neurology script
10/03/14 The Skinny on Low Carb/Low Fat Diet/Nutrition script
10/02/14 Moving Cartilage, Mending Knee Orthopedics script
10/01/14 The Troubled Heart- Depression & Heart Risk Cardiology script
09/30/14 Sound Advice on Ear Tubes Pediatrics script
09/29/14 Mastectomy - Preserving Precious Parts Cancer script
09/28/14 A Better Look at Ankle Surgery Orthopedics script
09/27/14 Metastatic Brain Tumors Cancer script
09/26/14 Step By Step Wellness script
09/25/14 Statins: It’s All About Risk Cardiology script
09/24/14 Picking up Pinkeye at School Pediatrics script
09/23/14 Pregnant Women Need Flu Shot Women’s Health script
09/22/14 Man-O-Pause Men’s Health script
09/21/14 Stroke Requires Fast Action Neurology script
09/20/14 New Ways to Address Balance Therapy script
09/19/14 Smoking Affects Bone Healing


09/18/14 Looking Into Your Heart Cardiology script
09/17/14 Testing Vitamin Deficiency Wellness script
09/16/14 Growing up Too Fast? Pediatrics script
09/15/14 Young People, Genes & Colon Cancer Cancer script
09/14/14 Touching a Nerve- Combating Seizures Neurology script
09/13/14 Covering Your Kid’s Ears Pediatrics script
09/12/14 The 411 On Your A1c


09/11/14 Lactose Lurking Diet/Nutrition script
09/10/14 Tackling Heart Failure Cardiology script
09/09/14 The Cold Hard Facts About ALS Neurology script
09/08/14 Partial Knee Replacement Carrying More Weight Orthopedics script
09/07/14 Focusing on the Cancer Patient Cancer script
09/06/14 Getting With the Chest Pain Program Cardiology script
09/05/14 Four Options for Kids with Apnea Pediatrics script
09/04/14 RA Patients Regain Their Footing Orthopedics script
09/03/14 Kidney Stones Like It Hot Urology script
09/02/14 Guess Who’s Cleaning Their Plate? Diet/Nutrition script
09/01/14 Rehab Hospital Bridges the Gap Rehabilitation script
08/31/14 Stretching the Limits Post-Mastectomy Rehabilitation script
08/30/14 Some Gall: Treating Gallstones Surgery script
08/29/14 The Smoking Gun Cancer script
08/28/14 Bulking Your Bones Orthopedics script
08/27/14 Moonwalking Through Rehab Rehabilitation script
08/26/14 Depression: A New Female Heart Risk


08/25/14 Turning a Corner on Childhood Obesity Wellness script
08/24/14 Shouldering the Load Orthopedics script
08/23/14 What You Don’t Say Can Hurt You Wellness script
08/22/14 Fast Fix for Fractured Spine Orthopedics script
08/21/14 The Look of Graves Wellness script
08/20/14 Cardiac Rehab Successful for Heart Failure Cardiology script
08/19/14 When Milk Shakes Up Your Stomach Gastroenterology script
08/18/14 Med Counseling Lowers Repeat Hospitalization Wellness script
08/17/14 An EPIC Achievement Technology script
08/16/14 Metabolic Syndrome: A Risky Diagnosis Wellness script
08/15/14 Pill Cam- An Insider’s View Gastroenterology script
08/14/14 Sweet Tooth or Sweet Brain? Diet/Nutrition script
08/13/14 More Men Facing HPV Throat Cancer Cancer script
08/12/14 Laser Therapy Sheds New Light on Pain Pain Management script
08/11/14 Back-to-School Shots Pediatrics script
08/10/14 In Step with Ankle Fusion Orthopedics script
08/09/14 A Stent in Time Saves Lives Cardiology script
08/08/14 Colonoscopy: Fact vs. Fiction Cancer script
08/07/14 Measuring Up- a Look at Pre Diabetes Diabetes script
08/06/14 Are You MRI Safe? Imaging script
08/05/14 Six Cardio Tests Provide Health Snapshot Cancer script
08/04/14 Gravity Free Treadmill Takes the Weight Off Rehabilitation script
08/03/14 The Tipping Point - Preventing Fall-Over Accidents Pediatrics script
08/02/14 Health Screens on Your Lunch Break Wellness script
08/01/14 Taking a Second Shot at Cancer Cancer script
07/31/14 Getting Salty on Sodium


07/30/14 The Big Latch On-Spotlight on Breastfeeding Pediatrics script
07/29/14 10,000 Steps Toward Better Health Wellness script
07/28/14 A Grave Concern for Women Primary Care script
07/27/14 Magnets, Batteries Fuel Swallowing Injuries Pediatrics script
07/26/14 Joint Replacement a Balancing Act Orthopedics script
07/25/14 Coping with Post-Cancer Bowel Problems Cancer script
07/24/14 Parkinson’s Disease- What Your Writing Reveals Neurology script
07/23/14 Acid Reflux Taking Your Breath Away Pulmonology script
07/22/14 Food Labels-Reading Between the Lines Diet/Nutrition script
07/21/14 Apnea Keeping Kids Up at Night Pediatrics script
07/20/14 Helping Older Kids Manage ADHD Pediatrics script
07/19/14 Working Through Back Pain

Spine Care

07/18/14 Gout and Your Gut Orthopedics script
07/17/14 Getting to the Heart of Energy Drinks Cardiology script
07/16/14 Summer Sinusitis Primary Care script
07/15/14 Bright Future for Melanoma Patients Cancer script
07/14/14 Five Signs That Could be Symptoms of Diabetes Diabetes script
07/13/14 Migraines More than Miserable Neurology script
07/12/14 Checking the Corporate Pulse Wellness script
07/11/14 Partial Knee-Complete Results Orthopedics script
07/10/14 Hands on Kidney Removal Surgery script
07/09/14 When Your Heart is Off-Beat Cardiology script
07/08/14 What You Don’t Know About Vitamins Diet/Nutrition script
07/07/14 Midwives Extending Their Reach Women’s Health script
07/06/14 Rewarding Innovative Food Diet/Nutrition script
07/05/14 Self-Exam for Testicular Cancer Cancer script
07/04/14 Past Meets Present in Surgery Orthopedics script
07/03/14 Pumping Up Your Heart Health Cardiology script
07/02/14 Zero Tolerance for Hospital Infections Awareness script
07/01/14 Know Your Meds - Know Your Pharmacist Awareness script
06/30/14 Little Sleep Affects Kids’ Health Pediatrics script
06/29/14 Extending Care to Families Awareness script
06/28/14 Fewer Diabetes Complications Diabetes script
06/27/14 Preemies Benefit from a Breast Boost Women’s Health script
06/26/14 The Nerve Center of Spine Pain Spine Care script
06/25/14 Shrinking Lung Cancer Surgery Cancer script
06/24/14 Children Not the Swimmers Parents Think Pediatrics script
06/23/14 Future Doctors Focusing on the Family Primary Care script
06/22/14 Cutting Out Cancer without a Knife Cancer script
06/21/14 Balance - Weighting for Results Rehabilitation script
06/20/14 Does My Child Need a Urologist? Pediatrics script
06/19/14 Arch Nemesis- Rheumatoid Arthritis & Your Feet Orthopedics script
06/18/14 Adults Get Asthma Too Pulmonology script
06/17/14 A Healthy Workforce Wellness script
06/16/14 Biometric Selfies Wellness script
06/15/14 Botox & Your Bladder Urology script
06/14/14 Interpreting Chest Pain Cardiology script
06/13/14 The Lowdown on Lynch Syndrome Cancer script
06/12/14 Risk Factors for Hip Fractures Orthopedics script
06/11/14 Kids Getting Adult Diseases Pediatrics script
06/10/14 Things to Tell Your Doctor Primary Care script
06/09/14 Spreading MERS Awareness Prevention script
06/08/14 Regaining Your Grip Rehabilitation script
06/07/14 Women Not Stopping for Stroke Signs Neurology script
06/06/14 How Statins Work Cardiology script
06/05/14 Signs of Head & Neck Cancer Cancer script
06/04/14 A New Shot at Pain Relief Pain Management script
06/03/14 Whooping Cough Not a One-Shot Deal Pediatrics script
06/02/14 Partial Knee Replacement Gets People Moving Orthopedics script
06/01/14 Dealing With Diversity Awareness script
05/31/14 About Half of Fatal Heart Attacks Strike Outside Hospital Cardiology script
05/30/14 Fusion Fixes Foot Pain Orthopedics script
05/29/14 Comforting Cancer Care


05/28/14 Both Types of Diabetes Rising in Kids Pediatrics script
05/27/14 Cycling Top Sport for Head Injury Neurology script
05/26/14 Therapy for Stop for Back Pain


05/25/14 Supporting People with COPD Pulmonology script
05/24/14 High Fiber Helps the Heart Diet/Nutrition script
05/23/14 Elevated PSA- What’s Next Cancer script
05/22/14 Getting Connected with Health Care


05/21/14 Aiming Focus on Vaccines Pediatrics script
05/20/14 Rheumatoid Arthritis- Fixing the Feet Orthopedics script
05/19/14 Cape Coral Hospital a Stroke Destination


05/18/14 Kicking Knee Pain with Cartilage Replacement Orthopedics script
05/17/14 The Surgical Segment of Breast Cancer Cancer script
05/16/14 A Closer Look at Low Dose CT Scans Imaging script
05/14/14 Robotics Fine-Tuning Prostate Surgery Surgery script
05/13/14 Breast Milk Does a Body Good Women’s Health script
05/12/14 5210 Adds Up to Healthier Kids


05/11/14 Hemorrhoid or Fissure? Gastroenterology script
05/10/14 Hospitals Setting Health Food Example Diet/Nutrition script
05/09/14 Simple Steps for Controlling Hypertension Cardiology script
05/08/14 Cataloguing Cancer


05/07/14 Putting a Sore Throat Under the Microscope Pediatrics script
05/06/14 Spine Center Pin Points Pain Spine script
05/05/14 New Procedure Heating Up Asthma Treatment


05/04/14 Dissecting a STEMI Cardiology script
05/03/14 Perfect Storm for Asthma & Allergies Awareness script
05/02/14 A Closer Look at Kid’s Hearing Pediatrics script
05/01/14 Making Pregnancy Comfortable

Women’s Health

04/30/14 Finding Your Way Through Cancer Treatment


04/29/14 Getting a Read on LUTS Men's Health script
04/28/14 Lazy Bones Orthopedics script
04/27/14 Gastroparesis- A Gut-wrenching Condition Gastroenterology script
04/26/14 Is Your Child A Sleep Walker? Sleep script
04/25/14 Distracted Driving in the Digital Age Trauma script
04/24/14 Getting the Most From your New Joint Orthopedics script
04/23/14 Nuts to Fish Oil?


04/22/14 First-Timer’s Take on Breastfeeding Women’s Health script
04/21/14 Prepping for Colonscopy Cancer script
04/20/14 Parkinson’s Care Network Neurology script
04/19/14 Supporting Your Feet Orthopedics script
04/18/14 Smart Shopping, Healthy Eating Diet/Nutrition script
04/17/14 Putting Chest Pain on the Clock Cardiology script
04/16/14 The Season for Pink Eye Pediatrics script
04/15/14 Feeding Oral Cancers Cancer script
04/14/14 Living in the Stone Belt Urology script
04/13/14 Posturing Yourself to Dodge Back Pain Rehabilitation script
04/12/14 Colonoscopy-Who Really Needs it? Cancer script
04/11/14 If Your Quivering Heart Could Talk Cardiology script
04/10/14 Tobacco Igniting More Kidney Cancer Cancer script
04/09/14 Keeping Kid’s Vaccines on Schedule Pediatrics script
04/08/14 Comforting Families in the ICU Awareness script
04/07/14 MyChart Brings Records Home Awareness script
04/06/14 Waking up to Diabetes Diabetes script
04/05/14 Bulking up your Balance Rehabilitation script
04/04/14 Convenient Kid’s Care Pediatrics script
04/03/14 Measuring up with a Bone Age Study Pediatrics script
04/02/14 Joint Replacement: Lower Age, Higher Expectation Orthopedics script
04/01/14 Women Face Additional Stroke Risks Neurology script
03/31/14 Oral Cancers Gaining a Voice Cancer script
03/30/14 Fueling Cancer Patients Cancer script
03/29/14 More Drugs, More Toddler Overdoses Pediatrics script
03/28/14 Being Open to MRI Imaging script
03/27/14 Making Hormone Replacement Personal Women’s Health script
03/26/14 An Alternative Pain Treatment Orthopedics script
03/25/14 Speedy Resolution to Chest Pain Question Cardiology script
03/24/14 BPH: A Growing Problem Men’s Health script
03/23/14 Thyroid Disease Affects Millions Surgery script
03/22/14 Painting a Healing Environment Awareness script
03/21/14 The Buzz on Kids and Energy Drinks Pediatrics script
03/20/14 Cracking Down on Spinal Fractures Orthopedics script
03/19/14 Statins Targeting Cholesterol Cardiology script
03/18/14 Getting a Read on Breast Cancer Cancer script
03/17/14 The Spread of Pink Eye Pediatrics script
03/16/14 More Needing Double Knee Replacement Orthopedics script
03/15/14 Could You Use a Hand Therapist? Rehabilitation script
03/14/14 What a Nightmare! Pediatrics script
03/13/14 Treating Adult Asthma Seriously Pulmonology script
03/12/14 Hypertension Striking the Young Cardiology script
03/11/14 Scoping out a Colonoscopy Cancer script
03/10/14 Stroke Becoming Ageless Neurology script
03/09/14 Digging a Plant Based Diet Diet/Nutrition script
03/08/14 The Role of Iron in Memory Neurology script
03/07/14 Treating ADHD Behavioral Health script
03/06/14 Zapping Back Pain with RF Pain Management script
03/05/14 Why Cancers Spread to the Brain Cancer script
03/04/14 Hands on Approach to Kidney Removal Surgery script
03/03/14 Watching Out For The Widow Maker Cardiology script
03/02/14 Car Seats are Life Savers Pediatrics script
03/01/14 Torn Between Repairing a Meniscus Orthopedics script
02/28/14 Spinal Cord - A Head’s Up Injury Neurology script
02/27/14 Pediatric- Dose CT Scans Imaging script
02/26/14 What’s the Big Deal About BMI? Wellness script
02/25/14 Balance Vest Offers Control Rehabilitation script
02/24/14 Genetic Cancers- Following the Link Cancer script
02/23/14 Interpreting the Health Message Awareness script
02/22/14 The Knees Have It Orthopedics script
02/21/14 Hi-Tech Technique for Lung Cancer Cancer script
02/20/14 Pediatricians Educating on HPV Pediatrics script
02/19/14 Is There Any Truth to Benign Obesity? Wellness script
02/18/14 Asthma- Not Just Kid’s Stuff Pulmonology script
02/17/14 Checking out Chest Pain Cardiology script
02/16/14 Keeping an Eye on Bladder Cancer Cancer script
02/15/14 Sitting Disease Cardiology script
02/14/14 Anti Antibacterial? Primary Care script
02/13/14 Magnets Can Be a Dangerous Attraction Pediatrics script
02/12/14 Palliative Care Keeps Patients Going Palliative Care script
02/11/14 Botox Erasing Migraines Neurology script
02/10/14 Convenient Care Clinics Add Just the Right Dose Primary Care script
02/09/14 Quick Fix for Aneurysm Neurology script
02/08/14 Diagnostic Cardiology Cardiology script
02/07/14 Natural Birth Experience in a Hospital Women’s Health script
02/06/14 The Basics of Osteoporosis Orthopedics script
02/05/14 Less is More For Lymph Node Removal Cancer script
02/04/14 Two Signs of Strep Pediatrics script
02/03/14 A Laser focus on pain Orthopedics script
02/02/14 Breakdown on Falls Prevention script
02/01/14 Neuroblastoma- A Baby Cancer Pediatrics script
01/31/14 The 411 on Vaping Pulmonology script
01/30/14 Pacemaker for Back Pain

Pain Management

01/29/14 Pulse Oximetry for Newborns Pediatrics script
01/28/14 Primary Care - Front Line to Hypertension Cardiology script
01/27/14 Getting a Grasp on Metabolic Syndrome Wellness script
01/26/14 Scoping Out the Ankle Orthopedics script
01/25/14 Stroke Wake-Up Call Neurology script
01/24/14 Going Green; Plant-Based Diet Diet/Nutrition script
01/23/14 Antibiotics Aren’t the Answer


01/22/14 Energy Drinks & Your Heart Cardiology script
01/21/14 More People Surviving Cancer Cancer script
01/20/14 What to do with the Flu Prevention script
01/19/14 Choosing a Fusion Orthopedics script
01/18/14 Some Basal Cell Skin Cancers Aggressive Cancer script
01/17/14 Kid’s Hearing: Turn Down the Volume Pediatrics script
01/16/14 Health Report Card


01/15/14 Statin Use Expected to Rise Cardiology script
01/14/14 Putting the Pal in Palliative Care Palliative Care script
01/13/14 Removing Obstacles with High Field Open MRI Imaging script
01/12/14 Fine-Tuning Radiation Therapy Cancer script
01/11/14 A Better Balanced You Rehabilitation script
01/10/14 Using Diet to Deal with Epilepsy Pediatrics script
01/09/14 Signs You Have Sciatica

Pain Management

01/08/14 Going Trans Fat Free Diet/Nutrition script
01/07/14 MRI-Friendly Spinal Stimulator Neurology script
01/06/14 White Coat Hypertension Cardiology script
01/05/14 Smoking & Your Bones Orthopedics script
01/04/14 Shrinking Gallbladder Surgery Surgery script
01/03/14 Lifting Barriers to Colonoscopy Cancer script
01/02/14 Helping Hands Rehabilitation script
01/01/14 Heart Attack 911 Cardiology script