Happy Hour for Your Health: June 19, 2019

Alcoholic beverages are typically filled with sugar, carbs, artificial flavoring, and calories. “It’s not beneficial in any way to the body; in fact, it adds calories that you don’t even realize. There are a lot of ways to make happy hour a little bit more healthy,” said Gloria Reilly, a health services coordinator with Lee Health

Mocktails that include sparkling water, fruit, and even Kombucha, can lower your caloric intake while adding antioxidants and nutrition. “We don’t put alcohol in ours for healthy happy hour. We do sometimes add Kombucha, which is a fermented probiotic tea that’s great for your gut bacteria. It’s also fruit flavored, and it’s bubbly. So what I encourage people to do, is try half sparkling water, half of fruity Kombucha and then add in the added fruits and mints,” she said.

But if you drink alcohol, doctors recommend no more than one drink for women per day and no more two drinks for men per day. “It’s one of the leading health concerns in our area, so we want to be able to provide people with fun options that are creative and easy to do. I’ve even heard of people using tart cherry juice, so if you go to a bar and everybody’s drinking wine, you can ask for a cherry juice or even a cranberry juice. Just put it in a wine glass and there you go,” Reilly said.

Healthy and fun substitutions that can improve your health and keep you at the party.