How Do You Manage Stress?: July 12, 2019

High blood pressure, obesity, and chronic disease are just a few things that can be influenced by stress. “If we can start by decreasing our stress, we can probably make our health better later,” said Dr. Jennifer Carrion, a resident physician with Lee Health.

Knowing what’s causing your stress can help you address it early before it gets out of control.  “Having introspection is really important. Seeing what actually causes you to stress, how you cope with that stress and what you actually do,” she said.

Things like smoking, binge drinking, overeating, and isolation are unhealthy ways to cope with stress. “If you’re noticing that your behaviors or your thoughts are negative, then it’s figuring out those negative thoughts and how realigning them to make you feel better,” said Dr. Carrion.

To better cope with stress, doctors recommend things like deep breathing exercises, physical activity, and progressive muscle relaxation. “Putting those cell phones away is another thing. Social media right now, we are on the go, it’s see more, do more, be more, so if you can take time to put away those devices and just focus more on yourself or your family, that can definitely help to relieve some stress and studies are showing that more and more,” Dr. Carrion said.

Uncontrolled stress can cause other medical problems like headaches, stomach aches, even chest pain---Making it important to address and manage your stress in good health.