Yoga Benefits: September 2, 2019

Through different poses and breathing techniques, yoga has shown to increase circulation, strength, and flexibility. “I’ve had my students tell me they are breathing better now that they are doing yoga, or they are sleeping better, sometimes they have better energy throughout the day,” said Gloria Reilly, health services coordinator with Lee Health.

Reilly teaches a variety of yoga classes at Healthy Life Center-Coconut Point. “It builds a sense of community to come to a class and be surrounded by other people,” she said.

Combined with meditation, yoga is designed to challenge both your body and mind. The techniques learned in class can also be used in more vigorous activities like running, swimming, and bicycling. “Even if you’re combining yoga with other exercises this can help increase your flexibility, increase your stamina when you’re exercising because you’re deepening your breath and you’re giving more flexibility to your joints and your spine, so it’s improving your vitality,” Reilly said.

Yoga connects different movements and poses to the breath—creating a connection between the body and mind. “That allows that flight or fight response to turn off and you enter into a relaxed and repair mode so that your cortisol levels are dropping and you’re moving into that state of rest and repair,” she said.

A way to help manage stress and improve stability and strength throughout your body.