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About Hospital Medicine

Hospital Medicine is a specialty dedicated to providing care to hospitalized patients.

When you're admitted to the hospital, you need a specialized care plan that involves the guidance of a dedicated physician. You will see a "hospitalist" when your primary care provider is not available or does not have the proper clearance to see you as an inpatient.

Our Hospital Medicine team is skilled at explaining procedures, answering questions and reducing anxiety for patients and their loved ones. Our hospitalists work closely with primary care physicians and other team members at Lee Health to coordinate and direct your care in the hospital.

Hospitalists are supported by a team of remarkable nurse practitioners and physician assistants and an exceptional administrative staff that helps us meet our commitment to our patients. Together, the hospital medicine team manage your care around the clock during your hospital stay.

We Provide Expert Care for Hospital Patients

We emphasize compassionate, high-quality care. This includes:

  • Calling on other consultants and ordering tests needed to diagnose and treat your condition
  • Consulting with the care team to plan your care
  • Monitoring to assure your care is safe, effective and efficient

Communicating with you and your family:

  • Listening to you to learn how you are doing and what is important to you
  • Explaining your condition and care in a way you can understand and answering your questions

Coordinating your safe discharge and transfer:

  • Contacting your primary doctor, surgeon or other specialist for information important to your care
  • Ordering your medications to take home with you
  • Providing you with your discharge and home care instructions
  • Planning for your transfer out of the hospital and for appropriate follow-up care including any resources or services that will help you have a smooth recovery

The Value of a Hospitalist

Hospitalists can improve your healthcare experience in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing the most up-to-date, evidence-based inpatient care for acute medical conditions
  • Reducing the length of your hospital stay
  • Lowering your hospital costs
  • Increasing the speed at which you receive physician attention once admitted
  • Enhancing communication with your primary care provider
  • Connecting you with appropriate follow-up resources upon hospital discharge.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine specializes in primary care for adults, and in the care of patients with acute and chronic multi-system conditions.

Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine helps you better manage your changing health needs as you age. We offer comprehensive, interdisciplinary primary care and consultations to support patients and families coping with challenging conditions related to aging.

General Pediatrics

General Pediatrics focuses on the care of infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatricians provide a range of services from well-child care, to basic childhood immunizations and illnesses, to managing complex medical conditions and chronic disorders.

internal medicine

Find a Lee Physician Group Internal Medicine Doctor

Our Lee Physician Group internal medicine physicians are board-certified to provide the best care to adults and seniors. We tailor each patient's treatment plan according to his or her unique needs.