At Lee Health, we work together to achieve positive results. We are dedicated to providing a positive work environment of inclusion where each individual that walks through our doors is welcomed, valued and treated with respect and dignity.

Diversity is defined as “the ways in which we differ as individuals or organizations and the commonalities and similarities that justify and motivate diverse people and entities to work collaboratively together, in order to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.”

Diversity at Lee Health has many levels and dimensions. We define diversity in broad terms to ensure that everyone is included and that their diversity is valued. Diversity takes into account the very human social characteristics that impact individuals’ values, perceptions, experiences and beliefs. By embracing all aspects of diversity communication, understanding and trust is enhanced, which leads to better outcomes.

In keeping with our commitment to be an “Excellent Healthcare Employer” and to be recognized as an Employer of Choice®, we strive at being the best patient-centered health care facility in Florida. Lee Health has a vision for a healthier community in which everyone has access to quality health care, regardless of race or socioeconomic status; where diverse health professionals are welcomed; and a health system that is sensitive to the unique cultural and individual needs of our patients and families. We understand that our success to achieve this is measured by many factors.

Our diversity initiatives are focused around the following:
  • Promoting diversity and cultural competence initiatives throughout the organization through training, programs, community outreach, etc.
  • Attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent.
  • Overseeing programs for our Limited English Proficient and Deaf patient population through Language Services.
  • Overseeing programs and initiatives that help to serve our ADA (Americans with Disability Act) patient populations.
  • Creating an environment of inclusion where our patients and staff are treated with respect regardless of their race/ethnicity, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, national origin, military status, disability, sexual orientation (including gender identity or expression), or any other protected category defined by law.

These initiatives focus on enriching and enhancing our interactions with our patients, employees, and the community to ensure that their experience with Lee Health is a memorable one.

To contact the Diversity office, please call 239-424-3806 or e-mail

Diversity Office / Language Services

Lee County has a growing diverse population, including visitors and part-time residents from around the world and a large Limited English Speaking population and growing Deaf community. In keeping with our mission, the Diversity office provides Language Services at Lee Health, all at no cost to our patients.

The importance of providing language services and culturally sensitive care is great. Cultural and language barriers can affect the delivery and the safety of patient care. Lee Health understands the importance of providing culturally competent care to our patient community. Therefore, Lee Health provides onsite language accessibility for all patients so that they can participate fully in their healthcare and in the healthcare of their loved ones.

Lee Health has on-site qualified staff interpreters and Dual Role Interpreters in Spanish and Haitian Creole at all hospital locations that are trained and understand the social and cultural needs of our patients. We also provide phone interpretation service with over 170 available languages and video remote interpreting (VRI) that provide American Sign Language and 24 additional languages. Telephonic and video remote interpreting services in American Sign Language are available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In addition, we also provide through contracted services on-site interpretation in American Sign Language. In case of the unavailability of an on-site interpreter, telephone interpreting is available for spoken languages, and video remote interpreting is available for American Sign Language and most spoken languages.

Lee Health will ensure to make every reasonable effort to provide qualified interpretation services or other methods of communication available at no cost to our limited English proficient, non-English proficient, blind, or visually impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing individuals and their companions.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get an interpreter?

When scheduling your hospital appointment or service, please let us know that you need an interpreter. In the Emergency Department please inform the hospital staff that you need an interpreter as soon as you arrive.

Is it ok if I use my relative or friend as my interpreter?

We want your friend, family member and or companion to be there to support you during your time at Lee Health but not to act as your interpreter. For Spanish, Haitian Creole and American Sign Language, we can provide qualified interpreters who are experienced in medical settings. For other languages, we will do our best to obtain qualified interpreters in the language you best understand. Conversations between you and your care provider will be kept confidential.

How much does it cost to have an interpreter?

There is no cost to the patient or the patient's family and or companion for Lee Health interpreting services. This includes the use of any interpreting equipment, VRI and telephonic interpreting for spoken languages.

For more information please contact the Diversity office at 239-424-3806 or e-mail