Growing with Lee Health

Lee Health encourages employees to further their education, development and careers with us! As employees improve their knowledge and skills, it enhances the care we provide. There are a variety of formal and informal programs in place that empower employees to pursue their passions.

Tuition reimbursement or advancement:

Available to regular full-time, part-time and PRN staff after 12 months of employment, this assistance may provide up to $2,500 (critical needs) or $1,300 (all other) per year to pursue formal study programs at accredited colleges, universities or vocational schools. Coursework must relate to employees’ current positions and benefit the System, prepare or qualify them for career advancement at Lee Health, or be on the critical needs list.

Education grants:

Available to employees, volunteers and the community-at-large, grants to pursue education that will prepare recipients for careers at Lee Health. Applicants must be residents of Lee County and attend local schools, colleges and universities unless approved by Lee Health by “exception.”