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We provide current and authoritative medical, nursing, allied health, and healthcare management information, both printed and electronic resources, to Lee Health employees, clinical staff and to the community, from our four locations.

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It is the policy of Lee Health to comply with Federal copyright laws, state laws and regulations, licenses, and contractual obligations that control the System's use of copyrighted materials and intellectual property belonging to others. The Lee Health Medical Libraries will comply with the Copyright Law (Title XVII U.S. Code, Chapter 1), including Section 108, Reproduction by Libraries, and Section 107, "Fair Use."

All Document delivery requests and photocopying services are subject to Copyright compliance. Library staff my refuse any request that violates the Copyright law of Lee Health Copyright Policy. Patrons wishing to reproduce a protected work that does not meet the Library Reproduction or Fair Use criteria must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

To determine if you need a permission to use the copyrighted material, use the Exceptions for Instructors in U.S. Copyright Law E-tool from the American Library Association.

NEJM Journal Watch - free trial

The Medical Library considers purchasing a subscription to the NEJM Journal Watch for our physicians and staff, if there is enough interest in it. There would be no charge to the subscribers. If you a member of Lee Health staff and would like to receive the most important research, medical news, drug information, public health alerts, and guidelines from any of 13 specialties summarized and put into perspective every week, register for this service. Contact the medical library at: medlibrary@leehealth.org

A link to medical online library information:

American College of Surgeons (ACS) Online Video Library

Clinical Key database now available as a mobile application

PemSoft - a pediatric point-of-care tool added to the library e-collection

New Interactive Tool for NCLEX-RN Boards

Mobile application for journals

Drive and Learn: Audio-Digest Family Practice series of CDs is now available in LMH Library

Remote Access to the library e-resources for students and interns

updated: March 17, 2017