Lee Health Coconut Point: A Strategy to Partner in Improving Health 

December, 2018 | Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA President & CEO, Lee Health

Lee Health Coconut Point, which is set to welcome patients and visitors early this month, is an important milestone in the history of health care in Southwest Florida, especially for Estero and Bonita Springs. This part of our community has seen tremendous growth and is home to a predominantly older population. Community leaders, businesses, residents and local health care providers have been very vocal in their request for improved access to health care, programs and services. It has been our goal to create the space and provide those services for more than 10 years, so we are proud and excited to open the doors at Lee Health Coconut Point on Dec. 3........Read More

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You/Us?

December, 2018 | Scott Nygaard, M.D., MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Lee Health

As health care providers, the reality of our leadership is one that we should take as a privilege to serve others and to have the opportunity to serve our community by becoming good stewards to the organization. Each day we are entrusted with the responsibility to impact the hearts, souls and minds of people (patients, employees, and other physicians) that desire to see us as a “trusted partner” in helping them succeed in the delivery of care and service to our community. The impact of leadership on each of our lives is profound; at work, our personal development, in our families, in our community relationships, etc. Some of the influences are positive, inspirational, others neutral and some can be negative or a detractor. We are on stage all the time.........Read More

HealthPark Medical Center Joins Elite Group of Cardiovascular Hospitals

December, 2018 

HealthPark Medical Center joins Mayo Clinic, Henry Ford Hospital and Duke University Hospital on IBM Watson Health’s Top 50 for Cardiovascular Care for 2019. This is the second year in a row that HealthPark Medical Center has made the list, and this year is one of only two hospitals in Florida to earn the designation.........Read More

Meetings Suspended Until January

December, 2018 

In the spirit of the holiday season, the November and December meetings of the Clinical Collaboration Council (CC) were cancelled. Following is a recap of the Council’s 2018 accomplishments:........Read More

Physicians Drive ACO Performance

November, 2018 | Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA President & CEO, Lee Health

Through Best Care Collaborative, our Medicare Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (ACO), we are seeing positive effects on patients and across many quality-of-care metrics, including a decline in readmissions and an increase in appropriate outpatient and ambulatory services. These are evidence that our community of providers are working collaboratively to help patients achieve a positive, healthy path of care........Read More

Obstetrics: Increasing Efficiency, Enhancing Quality

November, 2018 | Scott Nygaard, M.D., MBA, COO

As we progress further into value-based care, the market is asking us to be accountable for the value that we provide. In healthcare, I define value as Quality + Service + Access/Cost. That value must be measurable. To ensure our success in this value-based environment, Lee Health is looking at existing services to evaluate the performance based on the Quality, Service, Access and Cost of the service from a health care system perspective. In the past few years, several developments have prompted a decision to consolidate obstetrical services from Gulf Coast Medical Center (GCMC) to reside in Health Park Medical Center (HPMC). This transition is scheduled to be complete by March 1........Read More

6 Steps to a Stronger Safety Culture

November, 2018 | Alex Daneshmand, D.O., Vice President Quality and Safety

As we are taking steps to strengthen our safety culture in our care delivery, there is one constant thread that faces this culture every day. Many hospital adverse events go unreported because physicians and other health professionals are concerned that sharing information about safety problems may result in punitive action. ......Read More

Epic ordering changes

November, 2018

There will be some upcoming Epic ordering changes related to our recent work in the Lab Stewardship CCG workgroup under Hospitalist Medicine.......Read More

ACO, PSN: Opportunities for Value-Based Care for Southwest Florida

October, 2018 | Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA President & CEO, Lee Health

Moving from an episodic, fragmented, volume-based care delivery system to one that is coordinated and focused on value requires all of us to redesign the way we deliver care. It requires us to put our patients in the center and leverage our strengths as an integrated health system and as a community of caregivers, so our patients seamlessly flow across inpatient, outpatient and post-acute facilities, programs and services. As we know, population health, which is driven by robust analytics and maintained by meticulous reporting and documentation, is a method for improving quality of care and the health of patients, while also reducing costs......Read More

Data Transparency Informs Decision Making

October, 2018 | Scott Nygaard, M.D., MBA, COO

As we move forward to value-based care, the engagement of medical staff on how we do business is vital to our combined success. We know that unnecessary clinical practice variation increases the cost of health care. By working together, Lee Health and the medical staff can create clinical protocols and care pathways to meet the needs of our patient population. Reducing care variation also ensures better clinical outcomes. To develop our strategy it is imperative that we share data with the medical staff so that we can make informed decisions based on the weight of evidence. Improvements in care can be accomplished when we are willing to share data in an environment and manner that is designed to help each of us become the best physician/clinician we can possibly be. The environment we want to create is one where we are focused on process improvement and supports each other as colleagues where we “all teach, all learn.” ....Read More

Physician Leadership Institute Graduation Held

October, 2018

Congratulations to the 24 graduates of the fifth class of Lee Health’s Physician Leadership Institute (PLI). This esteemed class of physicians, advanced providers and administrators were recognized during a ceremony Sept. 12......Read More

Physician Listening Tours Opened Dialogue

September, 2018 | Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA President & CEO, Lee Health

Earlier this year, I launched a “Listening Tour” to open the dialogue with all of you. My goal for these sessions was to enhance communication and collaboration, to gauge your opinions, answer your questions, and take note of your observations, insights and ideas. As a former practicing physician in our community, I understand there are silos, certain perceptions and skepticism. But, the changing health care landscape requires us all to work together for positive change, continuous improvement and success......Read More

ExceptionalLee Promise

September, 2018 | Scott Nygaard, M.D., MBA, COO

During the past several months, Lee Health has been on a journey to define the “Lee Health Experience.” We gathered stories and ideas throughout the health system to better understand where we were doing well and where we need improvement. Though this initially started as a patient experience initiative, we were inspired and challenged to focus less on new initiatives and more on the qualities, behaviors and attitudes that unite us as humans. We realized that to create a better human experience, we have to excel at the basics – kindness, listening, effective communication, empathy and compassion. We believe excelling at these basic premises will build stronger, more trusting relationships. ....Read More

Antipsychotics: Beyond Black Box Warnings

September, 2018 | Alex Daneshmand, D.O., Vice President, Quality and Safety

Delirium is an acute decline in attention and cognition, which is present in 18-35 percent of the elderly at hospital admission.....Read More

Complex Care Center: A Valuable Tool for Physicians, Clinics and Patients

August, 2018 | Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA President & CEO, Lee Health

Helping patients transition through the continuum of care has been one of the major challenges of health care in the past; especially for those patients who have not established with a primary care provider. The Complex Care Center at Lee Memorial Hospital is an outpatient transitional service; a tool for physicians, clinics and patients to use to avoid emergency department visits, and hospital admissions and readmissions. Located in the already-established Infusion Center, it is staffed with hospitalists, pharmacists and longitudinal care advisors.....Read More

CCC Initiative Appropriately Reducing Telemetry

August, 2018 | Scott Nygaard, M.D., MBA, COO

Last October, Lee Health implemented guidelines of the first evidence-based best practice developed through the Clinical Collaboration Council (CCC): ART of Telemetry (Appropriately Reducing Telemetry). The new guidelines were designed to provide our patients with the correct level of telemetry monitoring in Medical Surgical Units and Progressive Care Units while reducing its use on those not at risk for irregular heart rhythm....Read More

Help Guide Cancer Care in Southwest Florida

August, 2018

Since August of 2017, a group of physicians have met regularly to develop and guide the direction of cancer care in our community. The result of that work is a vision to provide “Coordinated Cancer Care, Inspiring Hope for Tomorrow.” Any physician on the medical staff that is interested in helping us work toward this vision and meets certain criteria is invited to join the Regional Cancer Center Expert Physician Panel and help guide the future of cancer care in Southwest Florida...Read More

Transplant Program Temporarily Inactivated

August, 2018 | Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA President & CEO, Lee Health

As of August 16, 2018, the Lee Health Transplant Institute will temporarily and voluntarily be inactivating the deceased donor kidney transplant program at Gulf Coast Medical Center due to a temporary lack of surgical availability. Since reopening in 2017, 33 patients have been transplanted with 100% patient and kidney survival. Plans are to reactivate the program in early December 2018, and remain dedicated to providing high-quality care for our patients...Read More

To Err is Human: System Gaps. Faulty Processes are Causes

August, 2018 | Alex Daneshmand, D.O., Vice President Quality and Safety

Most errors do not result from individual recklessness; rather, they are caused by system gaps and faulty processes. At Lee Health we want to continuously monitor and update the health care system to reduce the number of errors....Read More

Combining Care and Coverage for Medicaid Recipients

July, 2018 | Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA President & CEO, Lee Health

With the goal of improving health care delivery and outcomes for the underserved and vulnerable members of our community, Lee Health submitted a bid to launch and operate a Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) plan to serve Medicaid members throughout Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Desoto, Glades, Hendry and Sarasota counties (known as Region 8). Our health plan is also known as a Provider Service Network (PSN) and will be different from the other MMA plans as it will be locally-led by physicians in our region. The goal of the health plan is to bring together care (behavioral and physical health care) and coverage, and we’ll do this through our regional network of providers and by localizing and streamlining the decision-making process....Read More

We’re Listening…

July, 2018 | Scott Nygaard, M.D., MBA Chief Operating Officer

We’ve been pleased with the open dialog occurring at our Physician Listening Tour sessions. One topic that has come up consistently is strengthening the relationship between Lee Health and the Medical Staff physicians. Solid relationships are built on trust, and we know we have work to do in this area. The executive team of Lee Health needs to know the issues or barriers you perceive, and how we can work better together for the benefit of our patients and community.....Read More

HB 21 Now in Effect

July, 2018

Florida House Bill 21 provides new requirements for prescribing controlled substances. Below is a brief summary of the law prepared by Lee Health Legal Counsel......Read More

2018 Hurricane Season – Physician Update

July, 2018

As a health system, Lee Health learned many lessons from Hurricane Irma, especially on billeting. We have revised our hurricane registration process to remain focused on patient care, quality and safety during a storm......Read More