EEG Lab Earns Accreditation

(Fort Myers, Fla. – Aug. 14, 2017) --- The electroencephalogram (EEG) lab at Lee Health’s Outpatient Center at Plantation has been accredited by the EEG Laboratory Accreditation Board of the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET). This is the first Lee Health EEG lab to earn this accreditation.

Accreditation required the Lee Health EEG Lab submit EEG records that met the standards and guidelines of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society and employ at least one registered neurodiagnostic technologist; the Outpatient Center at Plantation EEG Lab employs three R.EEGTs. The lab also had to submit its policies and procedures for ABRET’s review. The other Lee Health EEG labs, located at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida and HealthPark Medical Center will be the next to pursue accreditation, followed by Gulf Coast Medical Center, Lee Memorial Hospital and Cape Coral Hospital.

“Having this accreditation enhances the reputation and recognition of our EEG lab,” explains Carol Emmick, director, Lee Health neurodiagnostic departments. “It verifies the quality of our technicians and EEG studies, and represents our commitment to high standards. It adds credibility to our EEG records when we send them to other labs and physicians, and to our patients.”

An EEG is a non-invasive test that uses small, flat, metal discs, called electrodes that are attached to the scalp to detect electrical activity in the brain. EEGs can help diagnose epilepsy or other seizure disorder, brain tumors, head injuries, strokes, sleep disorders and dementia.

“Lee Health has grown from one EEG lab with four technicians to now having five EEG labs and 14 technicians,” explains William Carracino, M.D., neurologist and medical director of neurodiagnostics. “This accreditation, and now moving toward accreditation for the other labs, is exciting because it reinforces our knowledge, promotes confidence, fosters professionalism and encourages continuing education.”

According to ABRET, the accreditation process evaluates technical standards, the quality of the laboratory’s output and lab management issues. A successful accreditation means the EEG laboratory has met strict standards and is to be recognized as a place where patients and physicians can have confidence they are receiving quality diagnostics.

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