Free Balance Series Offered at Healthy Life Center

Help for People Living with Dizziness, Vertigo, Other Balance Problems

(Fort Myers, Fla. – Jan. 30, 2017) --- Lee Health’s Healthy Life Center is hosting a free educational series about balance. A series of discussions by multiple specialists offers help for those living with balance, dizziness or vertigo problems. Balance is the result of several body systems working together, including the visual system (eyes), vestibular system (inner ears) and proprioception (the body’s sense of where it is in space through stretch and pressure sensors). Loss of function in any of these systems can lead to balance deficits, and symptoms of balance disorders such as dizziness, vertigo (a spinning sensation), lightheadedness or a feeling of falling.

Presented by Lee Health; Ear, Nose & Throat Associates; Florida Gulf Coast Ear, Nose & Throat; Neurology and Spine Center; and West Coast Eye Care, the discussions will be held on the following Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. at the Healthy Life Center at Coconut Point, 23190 Fashion Drive, Suite 105, Estero:

  • Feb. 1: “How a Neurologist Can Help” – Thomas Morell, M.D., neurologist
  • Feb. 8: “How an Otolaryngologist Can Help” – Patrick Reidy, M.D., otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat physician)
  • Feb. 15: “The Role of Vestibular Diagnostic Testing and the Neurotologist in Dizziness/Vertigo” – Travis Pfannenstiel, M.D., neurotologist
  • Feb. 22: “How a Neuro-Ophthalmologist Can Help” – Rachid Aouchiche, M.D., neuro-ophthalmologist
  • March 1: “How a Registered Dietitian Can Help” – Ray Halstead, DPT, MSH, RD, CSCS
  • March 8: “How an Occupational Therapist Can Help” – Renee Black, OTR/L, vision specialist
  • March 15: “How a Physical Therapist Can Help” – Nathalie Grondin, PT

Impaired balance has been associated with an increased risk of falls in older adults, resulting in higher mortality rates. The Healthy Life Center’s Balance Series provides education and information on various medical specialties that can help diagnose and treat balance problems.

For more information or to register to attend, call the Healthy Life Center at 239-495-4475 or email

The Healthy Life Center at Coconut Point provides a variety of services and educational events that support healthy lifestyles, early detection of disease and chronic disease management. All of the Healthy Life Center’s programming is dedicated to maintaining and improving health.

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