Who We Are and What We Do

Many women will develop breast problems at some point in their lives. Fortunately, most breast abnormalities, such as fibrocystic changes and benign tumors, are normal responses to common hormonal changes.

Remember: The discovery of a lump in your breast should lead to a medical evaluation, not alarm. Although the American Cancer Society's recent survey shows that one out of eight women in the U.S. develop breast cancer, there is hope for this special group of women. Early detection of breast cancer means a 98 percent survival rate. Early detection also gives women time to consider surgery and treatment alternatives.

The staff at The Breast Health Centers delivers comprehensive, compassionate care in your time of need. The Breast Health Centers use a variety of breast examinations designed to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible. We strive to give you quality care in professional surroundings at convenient locations: Lee Health - Coconut Point (opening in December), HealthPark Commons Outpatient Center, the Outpatient Center at Surfside, and the Outpatient Center at the Sanctuary.

We give our patients peace of mind with innovative technology, board-certified physicians who specialize in breast health, and technologists certified in mammography and breast ultrasound.

Our Breast Health Centers are accredited as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. Lee Health Breast Centers is the only breast center in Lee County to have achieved accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). Our breast center is also a certified member of the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers (NQMBC).

Reasons to Visit Our Centers

Why would a woman schedule an appointment with us?

  • Your doctor has determined that you need a baseline screening examination because of your age or a family history of breast disease.
  • You or your doctor has found a lump in your breast that needs closer examination.
  • You are returning for follow-up of a previous screening or surgery.
  • Your breasts are tender or painful and you want to know why.

Whatever the reason for your visit, the Breast Health Centers will treat you with dignity and respect, answer all of your questions along the way, and make sure you have the safest, most efficient care possible.

A Thorough Approach

We use various techniques for examining and taking images of your breasts. Since no single technique is 100 percent accurate in detecting potential problems, one procedure or a combination of procedures may be used according to each woman's individual needs.

E-mail us at women@leememorial.org.