Having a baby is a big step in any woman’s life. One of the choices you have during your pregnancy is to select a doctor (pediatrician) to care for your new baby. Your obstetrician  or midwife will continue to care for your needs after birth. The pediatrician will care for your new baby through childhood.

To make your stay at the hospital easier, please choose a doctor for your baby several months before your due date. If you are having trouble locating one, you can go to the “Find a Doctor” page on this website. We suggest that you call that doctor to see if he/she is accepting new patients and participates in your insurance plan. This will make your baby’s care in the hospital and afterwards go more smoothly.

If you do not choose a baby doctor, you will be assigned one to care for the baby in the hospital. This doctor may not be able to care for your baby after discharge due to practice constraints and insurance issues. Therefore, it is better to have arranged this ahead of your labor and delivery.

Please tell your OB provider who the pediatric doctor will be so it is on your prenatal record. The nurses’ will also ask you this information when you come to have your baby.

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