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Get Vaccinated!

Lee Health is now vaccinating anyone age 12+. Click to schedule for age 18+ or click for age 12-17. We kindly ask that you not call our hospitals or physician offices to inquire about vaccine appointments as it overwhelms our phone system.

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Health Hub

Healthy News: A Clinical Focus 

New procedures, heart health, chronic conditions, and other essential health information. 

  • Allergy Awareness: You Don't Have to be Miserable

    A Lee Health allergist gives you some tips and tricks to prevent and treat pesky allergies.

  • Lee Physician Group: Exceptional Primary and Specialty Care for You and Your Family

    Learn more about Lee Physician Group's primary and specialty care services.

  • Shipley Cardiothoracic Center Advances Treatment, Patient-Centered Care

    Our award-winning Shipley team helps you get the treatment you need for heart valve issues.

  • How to Recognize and Prevent Elder Abuse

    National Elder Abuse Prevention Month in June serves as a call to action for us, our communities, and organizations to understand, recognize, and report elder abuse when suspected.

  • Act F.A.S.T. at Signs of a Stroke

    Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a stroke. Read to learn more about stroke, including how you may be at risk, how to recognize stroke, and what to do if stroke happens.

  • Free Nonprofit Helps HIV Patients Cope with Condition

    A new HIV self-management education program teaches people with HIV how to care for themselves and stay healthy by taking actions to control and manage their health.

  • How to Prevent Osteoporosis Now

    The sooner you start keeping your bones healthy, the better off you’ll be in your later years.

  • This Endoscopy Treatment’s Easy to Swallow

    Capsule endoscopy uses a “video camera-in-a-pill” that you swallow to make this procedure much easier for patients with gastrointestinal issues.

  • Spotlight on Sleep: Finding Rest in Troubled Times

    COVID-19 stress is affecting our sleep, which hurts our immune systems and makes everything worse. A Lee Health sleep experts dives into the details and offers tips to help.

  • How Does The Watchman Device for AFib Reduce Stroke Risk?

    Many people in Southwest Florida deal with symptoms of A-Fib. Now, a new treatment called the Watchman Device may help reduce A-Fib patients' risk for stroke.

  • Know the Symptoms, Risks, and Treatments for Heart Valve Disease

    Heart valve disease is a serious condition, but Shipley Cardiothoracic Center provides treatment options that can get you back to your daily life.

  • Tips for a Healthier Heart (and You) in 2021

    February is officially American Heart Month. So here are a few key tips, suggestions, and ideas to ensure your heart is healthy enough to keep up with your lifestyle.

  • Lee Health and Cleveland Clinic: What a New Alliance Means for Patient Care

    Lee Health joins forces with Cleveland Clinic to help improve patient care.

  • The Ultimate Gift: Giving Blood During Times of Need

    With the blood supply critically low, Lee Health Blood Centers kindly asks you to consider a blood donation for the new year.

  • Holiday Safety Check: Fire Hazards, Gifts, Mental Health, and, Yes...COVID-19

    Time for a safety check: Is your decor safe? Do you have any fire hazards? Feeling more blue than you should be? Here's our annual holiday checklist.

  • Physician Spotlight: Dr. Eric Feinberg and a Woman's Curse

    Difficult periods don’t have to rule your life. Find out what's normal and when you should seek help concerning your menstrual cycle.

  • Comfort and Care: What Women Should Know About Our Family Birthing Suites

    Find comfortable, beautiful birthing suites for that special family moment as well as expanded services that deliver the best care in the region.

  • No Place Like Home: The Observation Unit at Lee Health Coconut Point

    Lee Health Coconut Point continues to offer all the services you need in one place. Our expanded Observation Unit bolsters emergency care so you don't have to go to another facility.

  • Physician Spotlight: Dr. Laura Veras and Those Pesky Allergies

    Meet Dr. Laura Veras and create a care plan for your allergies.

  • Service Spotlight: World-Class Cardiology Care in the Heart of SW Florida

    Meet two new cardiologists dedicated to the Lee County community.

  • What Can You Do To Treat Migraines?

    Migraines can be debilitating, but here are a few things that might be able to ease the pain.

  • Cape Coral Hospital Birth Unit Offers Unique Welcome for Moms and Babies

    Helping mothers, babies, and families bond: Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the birthing suites at Cape Coral Hospital.

  • Spotlight on Aging: Are Your Parents Too Old to Drive?

    It can be a sensitive question: How old is too old to drive? A Lee Health aging expert takes a look at signs and symptoms -- and everything else you need to know.

  • Tackle That Gastro Complaint, Improve Your Quality of Life

    Lee Physician Group's gastroenterology services keep expanding and improving. Here's how they can help you.

  • Dr. Michael Danzig: A Lifetime of Service

    A longtime Southwest Florida cardiologist looks back on long career of community service.

  • How to Fall-Proof Your Home

    More of us are spending time indoors these days. But that can be dangerous for older adults who are prone to falls. Take a peek at this list of things you can do around the house to be safer while staying active.

  • Physician Spotlight: Dr. Andre Anderson

    Lee Health Coconut Physician aims to help community with sports-related injuries and primary care.

  • Telemedicine: Which Option is Best for You?

    Telemedicine: What is it? How safe is it? And what can you use it for?

  • COVID-19 Brings Unique Challenges to Hurricane Season

    Lee Health has updated plans and logistics for the 2020 hurricane season because of COVID-19. Learn the latest here about shelters, safety tips and other essential info.

  • Women’s Spotlight: New Doctor Ready to Keep Area Patients Vibrant, Healthy

    Healthcare for women spans generations. Meet one Lee Physician Group doctor who can help patients improve their quality of life.

  • Are Virtual Health Classes Right for You?

    Take advantage of virtual health and wellness classes with our trained experts including stress reduction, seminars and cooking demonstrations for the whole family.

  • Is It OK to See an APRN or PA at Your Next Appointment? (Hint: Yes)

    These health professionals are highly trained and work with your doctor to provide exceptional care.

  • The Most Common Condition: How to Stay on Top of Atrial Fibrillation

    It's the most common type of heart arrhythmia in the U.S., and the number is expected to increase. Here's what you can do about A-Fib.

  • Anger & Your Heart: 6 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle

    It's an angry world out there. Here are some tips about what you can do to feel better and avoid stress on your heart.

  • Myth Busting: Can Our Hearts Really Break?

    Broken heart syndrome is a real thing: A Lee Health cardiologist provides expert advice on how to cope.

  • Nosebleeds: Treatment, Causes and Therapy

    If you’re having nosebleeds but you’re unsure why, this information can help you find a solution.

  • Dealing with a chronic condition? Here’s how to take control

    If you have a chronic health condition, here are some things beyond the medicine cabinet that may help you find relief.

  • So You Have the Flu: Now What?

    A quick rundown of your options to help you through the thick of cold and flu season.

  • Wake up! Avoid the dangers of drowsy driving with these tips

    No matter the circumstance, no matter the distance, getting behind the wheel when you are tired is more dangerous than you think.

  • When Health Care Gets Personal (and Why That's a Good Thing)

    It's common for people in medically underserved areas to go without regular health care. Lee Community Healthcare is changing all of that.

  • 7 Essential Health Tests for Women

    Cholesterol, mammogram, bone density, and more. Feel in tune with your body and find out what you need to stay healthy.

  • 9 Heart Disease Risk Factors You Can Recognize Today

    Change your habits and learn to live the kind of life that drastically cuts the risk of heart disease. Here are nine things you can recognize and improve today.

  • Health Risks From Red Tide in Southwest Florida

    To help reduce your risk of exposure, remember these tips to keep you and your family safe.

  • Is Telehealth Right for You? Five Things to Help You Decide

    Are telemedicine services worth your time? Five things to help you decide.

  • Lee Health Trauma Center is Saving Lives

    For 25 years, our team has jumped into action to treat victims of trauma, the leading cause of death among Floridians younger than 44.

  • Patients Connected and Saved by Blood

    Children face unimaginable challenges when dealing with cancer. Read more about these youngsters, their families, and how Golisano Children’s Hospital is helping.

  • So You’ve Been Diagnosed With Diabetes: Now What?

    You can still live a full, active life with diabetes.

  • You don’t have to live with it: Four tools to manage your chronic pain

    Pain eats away at you and keeps you from doing what you love. It’s time to stop suffering. Check out these things you can do long-term to help you live a better life.

  • You Need to Know: The Truth About Vaccines

    Vaccines save lives, but measles deaths and misinformation are increasing. Learn more about vaccine history and how to keep yourself safe.

  • Heart Disease: A Battle of the Sexes

    Men and women are not created equally when it comes to heart attacks. Risk factors and atypical symptoms mean women should pay closer attention to their bodies.

  • In a Slump? Five Ways to Correct Your Posture Today

    Five ways to sit up straight today.

  • Should You Get a Flu Shot? (Answer: Yes)

    The cold and flu season looms, so don’t take any chances. Dive into all the reasons you and your family need to get the influenza vaccination today.