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Mental Health

Because You Matter

A spotlight on anxiety, stress, unwanted behaviors - and tools that can help you feel better.

  • Coping with COVID-19: Alcohol Isn't the Answer

    We're all coping with COVID-19 in our own ways. One Lee Health experts warns to avoid excessive use of alcohol during these tough times and provides alternatives to help you feel better.

  • Life After Loss: Lessons of Grief and Support

  • CES Technology for Depression and Anxiety: Is it Right For You?

    Breakthrough technology now available at Lee Health can help patients battle depression and anxiety.

  • Holiday Tips: Manage Your Stress and Feel More Joy

    This holiday season will challenge our emotional well-being. Do what's best for you and your loved ones -- and don't feel bad about having to stay home.

  • How to Help Seniors Handle the Holiday Blues

    Holidays are for making new memories and fondly remembering others. But some seniors feel intense feelings of loneliness and isolation this time of year. One of our experts discusses how seniors vulnerable to depression can cope during the holidays.

  • How Does a Depression Screening Work?

    Depression screenings are just like other types of screenings. Once you identify certain kinds of symptoms, don't hesitate to reach out to your doctor for a mental health exam.

  • Maintaining Mental Health After a Crisis: Part 2 of Our Expert Q&A

    Stress is a daily part of our lives, but ongoing, chronic stress can severely affect your quality of life. Two psychologists with Lee Physician Group offer some expert advice.

  • How Do You Maintain Mental Health During a Crisis? An Expert Q & A

    The stress of a pandemic is real. So Lee Health psychologists answer some questions about how you and your family can cope with the fear of the unknown—now, and in the future.

  • Loneliness: Why It Happens & What You Can Do About It

    Lee Health's leading mental health expert discusses why loneliness keeps increasing and what you or someone you love can do about it.

  • Be My Valentine? How to Keep Love Alive

    What is the science of love? And how can couples make that feeling last? A Behavioral Health expert weighs in.

  • How to Help an Alcoholic

    Learn more about steps you can take to help someone with a drinking problem

  • 5 Brain Boosters to Flex Your Mental Muscle

    You can train your brain to remember just as well as you can train for body for a marathon. Steady stimulation will keep you sharp - both mentally and physically.

  • Food, families, and stress: How to Handle Holiday Anxiety

    You're going to get stressed during the holidays, and that's OK. Find our some quick ways to tamp down the anxiety.

  • Living With Anxiety? Learn to Step out and Lean In

    Try these two simple steps to deal with anxiety

  • Mental Health Disorders are All Around Us. So How Do We Start Talking about Them?

    Anxiety, depression, panic, and other disorders affect 70 percent of Americans. But why are we so afraid of talking about mental health? And how do you even begin the conversation?

  • Why Do We Feel Bad About Feeling Bad?

    Fear and shame are powerful, but compassion can light the way to better mental health. Learn more from our medical director of Behavioral Health.

  • Five Important Things to Know About Drug Addiction

    The opioid scourge continues on a national level. But we can all join the fight by learning these basics about addiction and available treatment.