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  • Stay Healthy this Holiday Season with e-Visits, AI Symptom Checker

    Top Trends

    For just $29, the Lee TeleHealth e-Visits program allows you to message Lee Health doctors in real time for treatment and diagnoses. Perfect for patients who are busy and need resources for non-critical care. 

  • Twins, Lee Health team up for Southwest Florida community

    Top Trends

    Lee Health and the Minnesota Twins announce a partnership that benefits our community including health and wellness, medical care, outreach and all points in between.

  • Lee Health Coconut Point Celebrates Five Years of Great Care

    Top Trends

    Lee Health Coconut Point has served Southwest Florida for 5 years. Learn more about how far we've come and what's ahead to help our community.

  • New Imaging Technology Puts Lee Health at the Forefront of Patient Care

    Top Trends

    Lee Health became only the second health system in the nation to feature the new ARTIS Icono system when when Cape Coral Hospital acquired it last month. 

  • This Image-guided Technology Is Changing Lives: An Expert Explains How

    Top Trends

    A Q&A about the new ARTIS Icono ceiling system.

  • State Officials Urge Caution Against Malaria

    Top Trends

    “Drain and cover.” These precautionary actions will help limit your exposure to mosquito-borne illnesses, state health officials say.

  • Men, If You’re Over 50, You Probably Have BPH. What Is It?

    Top Trends

    Men over 50: Your prostate is likely to give you trouble at some point. What is BPH? And what can you do about it?

  • To the Men Out There: Is Aquablation Right for You?

    Top Trends

    At Lee Health, a new, advanced treatment for BPH called aquablation therapy can help preserve a patient’s sexual function and offer a faster, smoother recovery.

  • Men's Health: Prevention and Prostate Care

    Top Trends

    As we recognize Men's Health Month and Father's Day, here are some tips for men so they can stay healthy and happy.

  • Social Media & Your Children: What You Need To Know

    Top Trends

    What impact does social media use have on teens? Two recent studies highlight the potential harms and benefits associated with teens who use social media. A Lee Health expert weighs in.

  • This Virtual Patient Observation Program Makes Patients VIPs

    Top Trends

    Lee Health's technical innovation continues with its Virtual Patient Observation Program (VOP), that constantly monitors high-risk hospitalized patients.

  • Here's How to Learn CPR, Save a Life

    Top Trends

    Immediate CPR can double or triple the chances of survival after cardiac arrest.

  • 'Smart-Knee' Implant Changes the Orthopedic Game

    Top Trends

    Lee Health Orthopedics continues to innovate with a “smart knee” implant for total knee replacement for Southwest Florida patients.

  • ROSA Robot System Redefines Knee and Hip Replacement Success

    Top Trends

    A new robotic surgery option helps decrease recovery time and ease pain for knees and hips.

  • The Future is Now: Virtual Health, Tech Advances Ease Patient Care

    Top Trends

  • Can Wearable Technology Help You Hit Your Health Goals?

    Top Trends

    One of our expert physicians weighs in on wearable technology and fitness trackers - are they right for you?

  • Lee Health Neurosurgery: First in SW Florida to Add Robot for Spine Surgery

    Top Trends

    A new robotic-assisted spine surgery offers huge benefits to our patients including increased safety and lack of travel outside our area.

  • Why Robotic Surgery Could Be the Right Choice for You

    Top Trends

    da Vinci robotic surgery, an innovative approach to minimally invasive surgery, helps recovery times.

  • How Does the FDA's OK on e-Cigs Affect You?

    Top Trends

    The FDA recently authorized the first e-cigarette, but public health advocates say there’s no long-term health data about the potential ill effects of regular e-cigarette use or vaping.

  • Lightning Safety: A Year-Round Concern in SW Florida

    Top Trends

    Learn the 30-30 rule, move indoors as soon as the thunder rumbles, and other lightning tips you need to know. Check out some swimming, outdoors, and even grilling tips as well!

  • Another Year, Another Hurricane Season: Here’s How to Stay Safe

    Top Trends

    It's that time again. Take a look at these safety tips to stay prepared for hurricane season.

  • Men’s Health Month: When It Comes to Your Health, Don’t Wait

    Top Trends

    Attention men! Don't put off appointments and check-ups. For Men's Health Month, check out these reminders so you can stop problems before they start.

  • Does Adderall Make You Smarter?

    Top Trends

    Studies show the use of Adderall among certain age groups is increasing. What is the real effect of the drug? And what are the dangers?

  • 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day – Even During COVID-19

    Top Trends

    The pandemic has changed our lives in a lot of ways, but there are still plenty of options to celebrate with the ones you love on Valentine's Day. It's essential for your good health.

  • New Year's Resolutions: Start Small to Make It Big in 2021

    Top Trends

    This past year was difficult for all of us, so a Lee Health has some advice for resolutions in 2021: Smart small and don't sweat it so much.

  • Can Lifestyle Medicine Help You? (The Answer is Yes)

    Top Trends

    What is Lifestyle Medicine? Two primary care physician experts in our Bonita Bay Lifestyle center are here to help you take ownership of your health.

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: How Diet Helps Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

    Top Trends

    Medical Nutrition Therapy: It can help control chronic kidney disease, which is on the rise in the aging population.

  • New Advancements: Can This Cutting-Edge Tech Pinpoint Your Voice Disorder?

    Top Trends

    Videostroboscopy identifies vocal cord conditions and abnormalities by magnifying our view of the vocal cords at rest and during speech

  • Can Virtual Learning Help You Maintain Health and Wellness?

    Top Trends

    Online learning and virtual classrooms are helping to fill the gap for many of us as we adapt to a “new normal.” Sign up for a virtual health class!

  • 6 Things to Know About Adderall

    Top Trends

    What is Adderall and what does it do? A trusted Lee Health expert weighs on.

  • Trend Time: What is Breathwork? (Hint: It will lower your stress)

    Top Trends

    You can learn how to use your breath to regulate and lower stress as well as balance your body and mind.

  • Employee welness program graphic

    How Can You Start a Workplace Wellness Program?

    Top Trends

    Healthy employees are happy employees. So here are a few tips to start a program that will benefit everyone.

  • New years resolution infographic

    New Year, New Resolutions: How to Make Them Stick

    Top Trends

    Here are six ways to make sure your New Year's Resolutions stick this year.

  • 2020 health trends

    Words on Wellness for 2020

    Top Trends

    Some buzzwords are making the rounds already: Breathwork, EMF awareness, sleep blankets – which trends should you be watching out for in 2020?

  • Technology connection graphic

    Digital Detox: Take a Break and Feel Refreshed

    Top Trends

    Constant digital stimulation leaves us feeling anxious, fatigued, isolated, and even depressed — making a new term “digital detox” essential to our mental and emotional health.

  • Holiday survival guide

    Lee Health's Essential Holiday Survival Guide

    Top Trends

    Follow these holiday safety tips and pay special attention to your health and wellness as you cross to-dos off your list and enjoy this joyous season.

  • Empty nest infographic

    5 Tips for Living a Full Life in an Empty Nest

    Top Trends

    It’s back-to-school time: Here are a few tips about enjoying the empty nest.

  • Accupuncture infographic

    Acupuncture: What's the Point? Time to Bust Some Myths and Ease Your Jitters

    Top Trends

    What’s keeping you from trying acupuncture? A leading expert busts some common myths so you can stop being afraid and start relaxing.

  • Woman doing pilates

    Can Pilates Cure Your Back Pain?

    Top Trends

    Movement, strength, and flexibility help your mind and body feel more connected – and they may help you get rid of that nagging pain.

  • Bottled pressed juice

    Health Trends Making the Rounds in 2019

    Top Trends

    Quick, what is Kombucha? The Keto Diet? Have you tried digital detoxing yet? Here’s your guide to some buzzwords floating around out there.

  • Respecting your sleep infographic

    Got Zzzzzzzs? Simple Ways to Respect Your Sleep and Get Much Needed Rest

    Top Trends

    Feel better, stronger, and livelier every single day while giving your body and mind the rest it so richly deserves.

  • Pregnant women smoking pot

    Is Cannabis Safe for Pregnant Women? A Cloudy Issue

    Top Trends

    Did you know: More women are choosing marijuana to relieve nausea and morning sickness. A Lee Health expert tells you the truth behind this trend.

  • Smart sleeping infographic

    Open Your Eyes to Sleep Technology's Benefits and Cautions

    Top Trends

    Does technology really help you rest better?

  • Tiger Woods back pain graphic

    Tiger Woods: Spotlight on Spinal Fusion

    Top Trends

    Tiger Woods’ recent Masters victory offers a unique kind of hope for those of us battling back pain. An expert neurosurgeon breaks down the benefits of spinal fusion surgery.

  • Hurricane preparedness infographic

    Steps for the Storm

    Top Trends

    Remember: It only takes one. Hurricane season is upon us, so prepare early to keep you and your family safe. Where’s the nearest shelter? What goes in a first-aid kit?