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Orthopedic Nurse Navigation Services

As patient educators, advocates and resources, our orthopedic nurse navigators are important members of the care team. Registered nurses with specialized training and the expertise to care for total joint surgery and fracture patients, nurse navigators work with you to ensure you receive exceptional care throughout every stage of orthopedic surgery.

Serving as a liaison between patients, doctors and the hospital, nurse navigators:

  • Guide patients through the entire surgical process from preadmission to discharge.
  • Facilitate preoperative education about the procedure, recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Maintain communication with the patient and family during the hospital stay.
  • Answer any and all questions a patient may have about the procedure, recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Work closely with care managers to coordinate discharge needs.

Our Care Team at Lee Health

Our Nurse Navigators

Lisa Looney

Lisa Looney, MSN, guides hip fracture and total joint patients through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Lisa is one of two Lee Health nurse navigators whose job it is to assist patients from pre- procedure testing to post-operative follow-up. “My job is to answer questions and address concerns about the type of care we provide,” she says. “I guide patients and encourage them.”

The journey begins with the joint class, where patients receive information on everything from when they will begin walking after surgery to what happens when they return home. “Many patients have questions about whether they will have home health or go to a skilled nursing facility to recover,” Lisa says. “I assure them that we will assist them in choosing the best option, based on their circumstances and that nothing is permanent. In the end, they will be home, and they will return to their normal activities.”

Lisa's role allows her to spend more time with patients, and get to know them outside of a clinical setting. “My job now allows me to meet patients when they are awake, and to talk and laugh with them,” she says. “In turn, the patients and their families can ask questions and get answers from a real person and they know that I am there to hold their hands from the start to the finish of their orthopedic journey.”

“My job is to answer questions and address concerns about the type of care we provide,” she says. “I guide patients and encourage them.”

Navigating Your Joint Replacement Surgery

You will be introduced to your nurse navigator at the Pre-operative Joint Class and he or she will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the entire joint replacement process.

If you have questions or concerns about your surgery, please contact us at:

  • Cape Coral Hospital:
  • 239-343-0297
  • Gulf Coast Medical Center:
  • 239-343-0297
  • Lee Memorial Hospital:
  • 239-343-3341

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