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Be Inspired to Live a Healthy Life

From the Desk of Dr. Antonucci

July 20, 2022

Lee Health Launches New Podcast

Being the major destination for health care for our community and the largest employer in Lee County, our team at Lee Health wants to serve as role models for our families, friends and neighbors. Two of our team members – Brian Hubbard, manager, Marketing & Brand Management, and Carrie Bloemers, director, Healthy Life Center- Education and Navigation – saw an opportunity to create a podcast to foster connectedness between our employees and the community. Their podcast, “Living the Healthy Life,” does that while covering the latest on health and wellness.

“With this podcast, we hope to empower people by giving them all the information they need to live a healthy life,” Carrie says. “We want people to learn about the services at Lee Health that they never knew existed and feel more comfortable using these services after getting to know the experts behind them. We ask details about our guests’ lives in casual conversation, like coffee shop talk.”

Brian adds, “The podcast provides transparency and reminds the community that even experts are humans first.”

“Living the Healthy Life” is a catch-all podcast that currently has five episodes covering topics from trends within the world of food and nutrition to healthy habits for children. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes. New episodes are scheduled to be recorded and posted twice a month. Upcoming topics include a look at the Lee Health Foundation, occupational health, sleep studies, physical therapy and more.

Look for “Living the Healthy Life” on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts or at