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Health Matters: An Informative, Inspiring Resource for Our Community

From the Desk of Dr. Antonucci

Feb. 7, 2023

Rooted in our mission to be a trusted partner, empowering healthier lives through care and compassion, and steeped in tradition and a 105+-year history, Lee Health works hard every day and night to provide exceptional care and services. We recognize our great responsibility as our community’s major destination for health care to be a resource for preventative and emergency care, as well as programs, education and inspiration to help others live healthier lives.

One highly engaging, visual and interesting way we serve our community as a resource is through a TV spot called “Health Matters,” which airs on NBC-2 at 11 a.m., and 3 p.m., during the week and as part of the morning show on weekends. These videos allow our experts – and often patients – to share their knowledge and experience. The videos run the gamut on topics from allergies and ankle sprains to vaping, valvular heart disease and much more. As President & CEO, it makes me proud to see our team members share – in this friendly and unassuming way – their knowledge and passion with a broader audience. I appreciate, too, when I’m able to see and hear from our patients.

These videos may be short – typically less than two minutes in length, but they cover, show and say a lot.

If you don’t catch “Health Matters” on TV, all the segments are added to Lee Health’s YouTube channel ( You can scroll through all of the videos on the YouTube page or look at the various playlists, so you can tailor your viewing to the topics you’re most interested in.

We are proud to be with you, Southwest Florida, and excited to showcase who we are and so much of what we have to offer through these creative, informative and inspiring video segments.