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Lee Health Wins the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award

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First health system recognized with the award

In an industry as critical and complex as healthcare, there must be discipline and organization around our processes and a commitment to continuous improvement that drives performance excellence. Lee Health has embarked on a journey to achieve high performance by adopting the Florida Sterling Management Framework, based on the nationally recognized Malcolm Baldrige Criteria. As part of our journey, we applied for the Florida Governor’s Assessment and are honored to be the first healthcare system in Florida to receive the prestigious Sterling Award.

“The Florida Governor’s Sterling Award is industry-agnostic,” explains Jessica Lindsey, MHA, PMP, Lee Health’s system director of performance excellence. The award recognizes organizations that demonstrate exemplary performance in several key areas, including leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, analysis, knowledge management, workforce focus, operations focus and results. 

“To receive this type of recognition means that our health system’s collective approach is greater than the sum of its parts,” Jessica says. “We proudly join other organizations from across the state, like educational institutions, businesses, government agencies and nonprofits, that have also demonstrated their commitment to creating the conditions to enable a culture of learning and excellence.”

Jessica and her team have been integral to co-creating an environment for success thus far and will continue to help shape the path ahead. As certified Sterling examiners themselves, the team in the Performance Excellence Office has provided expert guidance, coaching us and helping us celebrate learnings and embed best practices throughout the organization. 

“The Florida Governor’s Sterling Award is a testament to the collective effort and teamwork of numerous individuals and teams within our health system. It reflects our shared commitment to elevating performance and creating a future for our community that we all want to be a part of," Jessica says.

Receiving the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award is an incredible honor, and it is a direct reflection of our health system’s core values and mission and the dedication and commitment of every member of our team. It speaks to our relentless pursuit of quality and safety, our dedication to always putting our patients first and our belief in continuous improvement.

Lee Health has been our community’s major destination and resource for healthcare since 1916. We hope having a health system that was recognized with a Florida Governor’s Sterling Award is a point of pride for our neighbors throughout our community, too. 

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