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Your Health Information at Your Fingertips

Dr. Larry Antonucci's Blog Posts


Nov. 15, 2023

At Lee Health, we provide our patients with 24/7/365 access to their health records through MyChart. Powered by Epic, MyChart is a user-friendly interface with features that enhance the healthcare experience.

In case you are not familiar with MyChart, I wanted to share some of the features and benefits that empower you to be more involved and in control of your health and wellness, including:

  • Access to your medical records. You can review your medical history, including lab results, medications, immunization records, provider notes and visit summaries, to help you stay informed about your health status.
  • Appointment scheduling, including screening mammograms and lab visits. You can view available times, select an appointment and receive reminders. You can completed eCheck-in and skip the front desk.
  • Prescription refills. You can review your current medications, send refill requests, track the status of your requests and even message a pharmacist if you have any questions.
  • Secure messaging that enables direct communication with your healthcare team. Through MyChart you can ask non-urgent medical questions, discuss concerns and receive timely responses.
  • Test results and notifications. You can securely view your results and track any changes over time, which helps you stay informed and take an active role in your healthcare.
  • Health education. You can find reliable information to better understand your health conditions, treatment options and preventive measures.
  • Mobile access via the MyChart app. You can access your health information, schedule appointments and receive notifications directly on your phone.
  • The ability to mange healthcare for your family, including your children or elderly parents, too. You can access your dependent’s health information, schedule appointments, communicate with providers and ensure their well-being. You can now update your advance directives in MyChart, too.
  • Billing and payment, so you can look at your statements and pay bills right through MyChart.

Another key advantage of MyChart is its widespread adoption by health systems across the country that utilize Epic. This interconnectedness ensures that even when traveling, your medical records remain accessible to hospitals and health systems that also employ Epic.

If you don’t already use MyChart and would like to, getting started is simple. Visit and click on the “MyChart” button on the top right-side of the homepage, then click “Sign up now.” If you have an activation code provided by your Lee Health physician, enter the code and follow the prompts. For those without an activation code, choose “Sign up online” and complete a brief information collection process, including identity verification, to be granted access to your MyChart account. Once registered, you can access MyChart via the Lee Health website or by downloading the MyChart mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Take advantage of this invaluable and empowering resource. With MyChart, you can manage your healthcare and wellness easily, efficiently and proactively 24/7/365.

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