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DispatchHealth Provides In-Home Medical Care

From Kris Fay, Lee Health’s Chief Officer of Population Health and Physician Services.

At Lee Health, we are continually searching for innovative ways to care for patients throughout Southwest Florida.

Our goal is to provide our patients the right care at the right time.

To do that, we recently announced a new mobile healthcare service to community members in Lee County. The service is provided through a partnership with DispatchHealth, a national provider of in-home medical care.

Thanks to this new service, patients now have a convenient way to receive high-quality, in-person medical care from the comfort of their home.

Community members can be treated at home for injuries and illnesses like the flu, cuts and lacerations that require stitches, sinus infections, strep throat, minor fractures, sprains and strains, and many other conditions that are commonly treated in urgent care settings.

Once you request an appointment, the DispatchHealth onboarding team will confirm it’s not an emergency and it’s safe to treat your urgent but non-life-threatening medical condition at home. Then, a visit is scheduled and the DispatchHealth medical team arrives within a few hours, ready to treat your illness or injury in the privacy and comfort of your home.

The team will also call in your prescriptions, update your doctor and handle billing with your insurance company.

By removing obstacles and bringing care to the home, we are providing patients another way to receive effective, convenient and affordable care.

Insurance will be billed for each visit, and costs will be different for each patient, based on their level of care and insurance coverage. On average, patients with commercial insurance pay around $44 for a visit and those with Medicare pay around $27.

I encourage anyone who could benefit from this kind of care to please use it.

Patients can request care by visiting DispatchHealth’s website,, no referral needed.