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Save a Life by Donating Blood

From Susie Nystrom, Director of the Blood Center at Lee Health.

January is National Blood Donor Month.

It’s a time to recognize the importance of donating blood and celebrate the huge impact of those who do.

National Blood Donor Month, which is celebrating its 52 anniversary this year, is also a time to encourage new donors to give the ultimate gift: blood.

Winter months can be a challenging time for blood donation centers, as more people are busy traveling and out of town, and the current surge of COVID-19 in our region has presented additional challenges. We are seeing fewer people in our blood donation centers, but the need for blood in the community remains constant.

Current blood supplies are critically low, and our Lee Health blood centers are in urgent need of donors.

If you’ve never donated blood before, please let now be the time you’re inspired to donate.

Doing it could save someone’s life.

A single donation can be separated into a variety of blood components; the platelets may go to a child with leukemia, the plasma to a patient with a clotting problem, and the red blood cells to an accident victim.

To anyone who is able – I ask that you please consider making a donation.

As home to the region’s only trauma center, now located at Gulf Coast Medical Center, it is vital that the health system’s blood supply remains at healthy levels in order to quickly care for patients needing an urgent transfusion.

Lee Health’s blood centers are the sole supplier of all blood products for the entire health system. About 800 units of blood are needed per week, and the blood centers rely on life-saving donations from the community to maintain inventory levels.

Though there is a current need for O positive blood, donors of all blood types are welcomed and encouraged to help serve the needs of our community.

Donations can be made through the Lee Health Blood Mobile, which will be at numerous locations throughout Southwest Florida this winter. If you are unable to attend one of the blood drives, donations can also be made at one of Lee Health’s blood centers.

Visit for more information to find the blood center closest to you.

All blood donated at Lee Health stays within the health system to care for patients in Southwest Florida.