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Business Structure Evaluation Process Updates

We're currently conducting an evaluation of Lee Health's business structure. Explore all available documents and dive deeper into the process by learning more here. 

Epidemiology & Infection Prevention


The mission of the Epidemiology and Infection Prevention Program is the prevention and control of infections by promoting the well-being of patients, healthcare workers, and visitors through a commitment to excellent and respectful patient care, effective use of resources, and continuous process improvement strategies by: 

  • Identifying those at risk for infection and initiating steps to prevent the occurrence and/or spread of infection
  • Implementing strategies to reduce risk and/or prevent Healthcare Associated Infection in patients, employees and visitors
  • Implement strategies to control outbreaks of Healthcare Associated Infection when they are identified 
  • Conduct case findings to determine status and avenues for improvement in treating and preventing infections
  • Identify resources for prevention and control of infection
  • To continue to meet the needs of the people of Southwest Florida through the prevention of healthcare associated infections and to respond to community infection risks.


The system Epidemiology and Infection Prevention Program seeks to provide a method for prevention, surveillance and control of infections in the employees and patients served by Lee Health.  Collaboration throughout the healthcare system to deliver excellence in patient safety and quality through the prevention of healthcare associated infections and community infection risk.


  • To engage in infection prevention and epidemiologic research in an ethical and professional manner
  • To collaborate with and support other infection prevention professionals to improve competency in the science of infection prevention and epidemiology
  • To strive constantly to educate staff, patients and constituents regarding professionalism and skills in infection prevention and epidemiology


Delynn Lamott, MS, RN, CIC


Delynn Lamott, MS, RN, CIC currently serves as the Manger of Epidemiology and Infection Control for the Lee Health System.   She has 10 years of Infection Control experience with the last 5 years serving as an Interim Director/Manager for several different hospitals in California, Nevada, Georgia and Florida.  During her time in Infection Control she has shown a deep commitment to working with key stakeholders to implement a comprehensive Infection Control Program.  She has been tasked with building a new Infection Control Department while serving as an Interim, which was successfully accomplished.   

Her primary focus for Infection Control is identifying trends that show opportunities for improvement in preventing Health Acquired Infections.  She has developed several new process improvement strategies and tools throughout her career that have helped lead to a significant reduction in Health Acquired Infections.    She also has 15 years’ experience in Occupational Health Nursing and 10 years as a Professor in a Nursing program where she taught at the Associate, Bachelors and Master’s level.

She received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and obtained her Master’s Degree in Community Health Nursing from the University of Michigan.   

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