Rapid and dramatic change continues to occur in healthcare. Hospitals and health systems across the country are facing many challenges including:

  • Growing and aging population
  • Physician shortages
  • Labor shortages
  • Financial pressures
  • Consumer expectations

Here at home, Lee Memorial Health System (Lee Health) has had to face all of these issues, and we have faced them head-on. In doing so, we have changed how we must do business now and into the future.

On August 31, 2006, the Lee Health Board of Directors approved the purchase of the HCA facilities in Lee County. This purchase includes:

  • Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center (SWFRMC)
  • Gulf Coast Hospital (GCH)
  • All other related businesses, land and subsidiaries located within Lee County
  • The rights to proceed with the construction of the new hospital facility adjacent to Gulf Coast Hospital at Daniels Parkway and Metro Parkway.

This acquisition supports strategic initiatives by providing an opportunity to redesign healthcare services to optimize quality, access and financial outcomes.

Lee Health is a fiscally sound business that is responsive to the community's health needs. Why should we, a non-profit organization, be concerned about profits at the end of each fiscal year? Because without financial strength, we cannot fulfill our mission to give you the high quality healthcare you want and deserve.

The positive operating margin is reinvested into Lee Health for the benefit of the community. The only way we can replace and upgrade property, facilities and equipment, build new facilities and attract and retain skilled professionals is by generating positive operating margins.

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