Arts In Healthcare is a nation-wide movement that links the expressive arts with the healing arts and brings these into the mainstream of the traditional healthcare to promote the well-being of those who are ill and their caregivers. It integrates the expressive arts in all forms into the healthcare setting to provide creative outlets for patients, families, and staff.

The inherent goal in Arts In Healthcare is to humanize the care provided while offering creative channels for expression, stress reduction, and enhancement of positive thought processes. Basic beliefs of the program are that there is an "artist" within each of us and no talent or training is necessary to experience the rewards of creative expression.

Since its inception in April 1997, Lee Health's Arts In Healthcare Program has developed into a multifaceted program offering a broad spectrum of creative arts to all ages and has become an integral part of health care within the hospital setting. Affiliation with Lee Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, Florida Very Special Arts grants, and private contributors, has provided opportunities for the expansion of the program.

Components of the Program

Disabled Artist Galleries
The Galleries provide disabled artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work in our healthcare facilities.

The Studio
Patients, caregivers, and the disabled community are invited to experience the joy of art making in the Studio which is located at The Rehabilitation Hospital. Some work together in a group while others prefer to do individual art work.  All share an interest and curiosity about the arts as a healing influence. These sessions are inspiring and stress reducing with no training in art necessary to participate.

Arts in Residence
Artists in residence offer expressive are experiences with drawings, painting and clay sculptures as they venture onto the patient's floors and into the waiting rooms, introducing a variety of projects and providing a means of self expression during treatment and recovery periods. Patients may watch, tell artists what they want them to do, or make art alongside the artist.

Storytelling and Poetry
From time to time, our waiting areas at The Children's Hospital become a place to tell stories. Pictures, puppetry, songs, and drama may enrich stories told by a patient, visitor or artist. A story may become interactive and be told together by those within the group.

Music is a major focus of the Arts In Healthcare Program. Our musician arts-in-residence provide music using the voice and various instruments in clinic waiting areas, lobbies, on patient floors, and at the bedside of patients. The sounds of live music alter the hospital atmosphere.

Performance Series
Talented and often well-known musicians, singers, actors, dancers, and clowns, bring their art to the lobby and other public areas of the Hospitals.

Art on the Walls
Art displayed throughout the hospital transform them into a place of beauty that can help relax patients and staff, and humanize the environment.

Taking Part

The Volunteers
The Arts In Healthcare Program would not be possible without the wonderful volunteers who are willing to donate their time and energy to this worthwhile cause. To get involved, you may call the Volunteer Department of Lee Health at 239-343-2388.

Financial gifts make it possible for us to continue and expand this program. For further information about giving opportunities, please contact the Lee Health Foundation at 239-343-6950, or go to their website at


The arts are for everyone.
It is the patient who transforms art into

For further information please contact:

Program Coordinator Arts In Healthcare
Lee Health
P.O. Box 2218
Fort Myers, FL 33902