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About Behavioral Health

Behavioral health conditions are not only among the most common illnesses in any community, they can also have the most severe impact on our daily functions and quality of life. Like all health care consumers, people in need of behavioral health services represent every group you can possibly imagine—they’re our families and friends, our colleagues and neighbors.

Lee Health Behavioral Health Services strives to address the diverse mental health needs of the communities we serve by providing a continuum of high-quality psychiatric services and behavioral health resources. These include outpatient services for people 18 years and older suffering from a variety of psychiatric disorders. Our services include new client evaluation, medication management, and psychotherapeutic evaluation and management.

Recognizing that behavioral health is a concern across the lifespan we partner with clients and families as we build for tomorrow’s community behavioral health needs.

Working collaboratively across the health care system, we aim to continually identify and create optimal treatment environments and options, providing the necessary mental health services that keep our communities healthy and improve lives.

Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are conditions in which the sufferer experiences extreme, often disabling, fear or anxiety. They can be understood as a pathological version of normal fear and are the most common of the mental disorders.

Mood disorders

Mood disorders, sometimes called affective disorders, refer to a category of mental health problems that include all types of depression and bipolar disorder.

Personality disorders

Personality disorders comprise a group of conditions in which sufferers display rigid and maladaptive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that can often disrupt their personal, professional, and social lives.


A phobia is an uncontrollable, irrational and persistent fear of a specific object, situation or activity. The fear experienced by people with phobias can be so great that some individuals go to extreme lengths to avoid the source of their fear.

Postpartum depression

Perinatal psychiatric disorders, including postpartum depression, are among the most common complications of childbearing. Postpartum depression is characterized by a moderate to severe depressive episode that a mother experiences after the birth of a child.

Pediatric Behavioral Medicine

Lee Health Pediatric Behavioral Medicine is a specialty that treats children and teens for a variety of mental health, emotional, behavioral, and school and family problems. Services include new patient evaluation, medication management, and psychotherapeutic evaluation and management.

Lee Physician Group Doctors & Advanced Providers

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Pediatric & Adolescent Psychiatry

Call us today to find out more information about your treatment options, to schedule a consultation or to make an appointment. Our phone number is 239-343-9180 and our fax number is 239-343-9188.

Behavioral Health Center (Mental Health)*
  • 12550 New Brittany Blvd.
  • Suite 100
  • Fort Myers, FL 33907
Hours of operation vary per office. Please call for hours.

* An outpatient department of Lee Memorial Hospital

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  • Phone: 239-343-9180 (Adult)
  • Fax: 239-343-9188 (Adult)
  • Phone: 239-343-6050 (Pediatric)
  • Fax: 239-343-6051 (Pediatric)

Why Choose Us?

At Lee Health, we provide an array of behavioral health services throughout our network for a diverse community of all ages. These include:

Behavioral Health Center

Outpatient Services
The Behavioral Health Center is an outpatient facility that provides a variety of services specializing in the treatment of emotional and behavioral issues.

Community Behavioral Health

The Bob Janes Triage Center
The Triage Center in east Fort Myers is a private-public partnership between Lee Health, the Lee County Board of County Commissioners, Salus Care, the Salvation Army and the United Way of Lee County. Individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis or who commit low-level crimes are diverted from the criminal justice system to the Triage Center, where they receive convenient, holistic treatment. People in crisis receive help to break the cycle of imprisonment, addiction and homelessness.

obstetrics and gynecology

Find a Lee Health Physician Group Behavioral/Mental Health Specialist

Our Lee Health Physician Group specialists are board-certified in psychiatry/behavioral health to provide the best care to both children and adults. We tailor each patient's treatment plan according to his or her unique needs.