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Business Structure Evaluation Process Updates

We're currently conducting an evaluation of Lee Health's business structure. Explore all available documents and dive deeper into the process by learning more here. Lee Health’s Board of Directors invites you to a public hearing, set for Thursday, April 25th in the Community Room at Gulf Coast Medical Center, to discuss the ongoing evaluation of converting the health system to a community-focused nonprofit structure. Learn more details here.

Breast Cancer Awareness

At Lee Health, we are caring people, fighting against Breast Cancer. We are here to support you, we are #LeeHealthStrong

Caring People, Fighting Cancer

Countless families and friends have been affected by a breast cancer diagnosis. The fear these women and men face of the unknown is only heightened when combined with costs of treatment, travel, and navigating their new world. That’s why at Lee Health’s Cancer Institute we’ve turned October into HOPETOBER, a month dedicated to giving hope to breast cancer patients. 

Lee Health's Cancer Institute joins other top-tier cancer treatment centers in offering complementary therapies and services to cancer care that can reduce anxiety, stress, neuropathy, nausea, insomnia, pain and weight changes. Through the Cancer Institute, those in Southwest Florida do not have to leave home and the support of family and friends to receive the world-class care they need and deserve during their fight against cancer.

It takes many specialists and support staff to fight breast cancer. That is why the Lee Health Cancer Institute offers a comprehensive care program, complete with oncologists, nurse navigators, a dietician, genetics counselor and more. The certified and dedicated team designs treatment programs that exceed national survivorship rates through a compassionate and collaborative experience.

Complete Cancer Care, Close To Home

Modern treatment and unending support for your inspiring journey

Our cancer care specialists at the Lee Health Cancer Institute as well as oncologists at physician offices and clinics go the extra mile to provide the latest treatment, whenever and however you need it.


Lee Health Cancer Institute

Our cancer care specialists at the Lee Health Cancer Institute as well as oncologists at physician offices and clinics go the extra mile to provide the latest treatment, whenever and however you need it. From the latest treatments and technology to design features intended to soothe the mind, body and spirit, you and your family will know that you do not have to fight cancer alone. Our dedicated cancer specialists are here for you every step of the way to offer you the best experience possible for your cancer treatment.

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    Cancer Institute

    Lee Health Cancer Institute offers cancer treatment, support, and guidance to adults and children.

Mammogram Screening in Fort Myers and Cape Coral

All Lee Health Hospitals have implemented extensive safeguards to ensure you will receive the safest care possible. We want to encourage you not to delay medical care. We know you may have concerns about visiting a healthcare facility, but we urge you not to forgo a trip to your doctor because of COVID-19 fears. Please take care of your health and well-being including annual mammogram screenings.

Exceptional Cancer Care, located across Southwest Florida

Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast Cancer: Stories of Survival, Courage, and Inspiration

At Lee Health, we have exceptional employees who are also incredibly strong breast cancer survivors, and we want to take this opportunity to celebrate each one of them and their inspiring stories for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in American women. Here you’ll find educational, medical, and awareness resources for people diagnosed with breast cancer in our community. 

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    Breast Cancer

    Discover comprehensive breast cancer resources and screening for Southwest Florida residents. Access educational, medical, and breast cancer awareness materials to help support those diagnosed with breast cancer in our community.


The National Cancer Institute has developed a free risk assessment tool that allows women to discuss their own personal risk factors of developing breast cancer with their physician. Take the risk assessment today to better understand your chance.

More About the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

This tool may not provide precise risk assessment for women with a medical history of breast cancer, DCIS, or LCIS. For those with known mutations in genes like BRCA1 or BRCA2, or other hereditary syndromes linked to increased breast cancer risks, alternative tools may offer better accuracy.

Quick Points about the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool:

  • While this tool can estimate a patient's risk accurately, it cannot predict precisely who will develop breast cancer. See Other Risk Assessment Tools for more information.
  • It's worth noting that some women with higher risk estimates may never develop breast cancer, while others with lower estimates may be diagnosed.
  • Designed primarily for healthcare professionals, it's advised that non-professionals print their results and discuss them with their provider.
  • The answers provided help estimate the absolute risk of developing invasive breast cancer over the next 5 years and up to age 90 (lifetime risk). Factors considered include the patient's personal medical and reproductive history, as well as the breast cancer history among their first-degree relatives. Additionally, the tool provides risk estimates for a woman of similar age and race/ethnicity who is at average risk for developing breast cancer, aiding in comparison and understanding.

Resources Related to Breast Cancer Awareness

At Lee Health’s Breast Health Centers we deliver comprehensive and compassionate care in your time of need.

Make a World of a Difference by Donating

When you support one of these funds, you are helping your neighbors at their time of greatest need. Learn about each fund and make a lifesaving gift below. Caring People, Fighting Cancer.


Modern Breast Cancer Treatment, Unending Support

  • Cancer Care

    Breast Cancer: How to Stay Informed, Stay Healthy

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so here’s what you need to know about risk factors, prevention, treatment, and common myths.

  • Cancer Care

    Breast Cancer Awareness: Importance of Early Detection

    For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here's what you need to know about the importance of early detection.

  • Cancer Care

    October is National Breast Health Awareness Month

    Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women and will strike about 1 in 8 U.S. women over their lifetime. Lee Health is going PINK for the month of October to show support and spread awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.