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Business Structure Evaluation Process Updates

We're currently conducting an evaluation of Lee Health's business structure. Explore all available documents and dive deeper into the process by learning more here. Lee Health’s Board of Directors invites you to a public hearing, set for Thursday, April 25th in the Community Room at Gulf Coast Medical Center, to discuss the ongoing evaluation of converting the health system to a community-focused nonprofit structure. Learn more details here.

Request to Schedule a Mammogram

Scheduling a Mammogram

Early detection of breast cancer means a 98 percent survival rate and gives women time to consider surgery and treatment alternatives. 

Screening mammograms are recommended every year for all women starting at age 40. Screening mammograms are also done for women who have no signs or symptoms related to the breasts (asymptomatic).

A Mammography Screening can be Scheduled Online for Pre-Established and New Patients.

Schedule An Appointment Using MyChart

Did you know you can also schedule your screening mammogram through your MyChart app? Fill out the form above or click one of the links below to get started!

Locations Offering Mammography Screenings

What is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast tissue. Mammography is performed to look for early signs of breast cancer before a patient develops symptoms. It can also be used to look for any abnormality when a patient develops a new symptom (a lump or focal pain) in her/his breast tissue.

We use a variety of breast examinations designed to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible at convenient locations, and we give our patients peace of mind with innovative technology, board-certified physicians who specialize in breast health, and technologists certified in mammography and breast ultrasound.

At Lee Health, we assure you that our facilities are safe. We are taking every precaution to protect every patient in our care. At Lee Health’s Breast Health Centers you will receive the safe, leading-edge, compassionate care you deserve.

A Mammography Screening can be Scheduled Online for Pre-Established and New Patients.

Learn More About Mammograms Here!

  • Mammography

    Throughout your life, your breast tissue changes in response to fluctuations in hormones and structural changes by aging. Because of these changes, lumps can sometimes be detected either by touch or through mammography.

Learn more about Breast Cancer and Breast Health services at Lee Health

  • Cancer patient with child

    Breast Cancer

    Discover comprehensive breast cancer resources and screening for Southwest Florida residents. Access educational, medical, and breast cancer awareness materials to help support those diagnosed with breast cancer in our community.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons

    Breast Health

    It’s important to find breast cancer early, and that’s why the our Breast Health Centers use advanced technology for the most accurate diagnosis possible. At Lee Health we have imaging, screening, and advanced diagnostics for early detection and peace of mind.

  • Cancer Screenings

    Cancer screening is an essential step in preventing and diagnosing cancer. An early cancer detection can help you take the necessary steps for treatment. Visit the Lee Health Cancer Institute in Fort Myers.