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Redefining Cancer Care

Life-changing technology. Personalized treatment options. The latest in clinical trials. All here – in Southwest Florida.

The Only Comprehensive Community Cancer Program With Nationally Recognized Accreditations From:

From Diagnosis to Treatment to Survivorship. We’re There At Every Step.

Keeping our community healthy means everything. That’s why we created the Lee Health Cancer Institute. We are dedicated to bringing together the best minds in cancer treatment all for one purpose – you.

The latest treatment options: Providing quality, comprehensive care with cutting-edge research, clinical trials, and advanced surgical techniques.

Personalized care tailored to your unique needs: A full team of cancer specialists plus all the services you need in one stop.

Supportive care in a healing environment: With nurse navigators to help guide you and a one-of-a-kind physical therapy program there to soothe your mind, body, and spirit. You can depend on our compassionate support. 

Lee Health Regional Cancer Center
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You do not have to fight cancer alone. Our dedicated team will be there throughout your journey. Our nurse navigators make appointments and reduce stress by connecting you with helpful resources, education, nutritionists, financial support, and more. We really mean it when we say we’re there for you at every step. Give a Nurse Navigator a call to see how we can redefine what personalized cancer care looks like for you.

Cancer Care

From the very beginning I felt very confident with everything. I mean the way that he reacted and talked to us. I really think he saved my life.

Cindy Crippen, Cancer Patient

They supported me. It’s never a good journey, but it’s one that you can get through if you have a great care team around you.

Julia Kellberg, Cancer Patient
Lee Health Cancer Care

96% of Patients Highly Recommend Lee Health Cancer Institute

Top Outcomes. The Highest Patient Satisfaction

At the Lee Health Cancer Institute, we provide specialized care for a wide range of cancer types. For very rare cancers we connect you with experts around the nation if necessary and coordinate the care that can't be done locally. Cancers we treat in Southwest Florida:

Cancer Care Patient in Infusion Center Estero

They had caught it early enough. That was the key to all this. I did not have to have radiation or chemotherapy because they caught it soon enough.

Kevin Owen, Cancer Patient

Different people come together to collaborate on what is necessarily the best treatment…I think that’s great… More heads are better than one.

George Martinez, Cancer Patient

Nationally Recognized Close To Home

The Lee Health Cancer Institute is serving Southwest Florida's patients and provides access to cancer specific services and treatments. Lee Health has expanded its cancer location to Bonita Springs to care for all patients in our Estero community. Find the cancer care location closest to you! 

Discover Comprehensive Cancer Care

Learn more about our services, the cancers we treat, and the programs that we offer to support you on your cancer recovery:

  • Clinical Trials

    Clinical Trials

    Explore clinical trials at the Lee Health Cancer Institute and receive expert cancer care from our experienced team. Your participation can contribute to the future of others. Enroll in a clinical trial today.

  • Chemotherapy and Infusion Services

    Chemotherapy and Infusion Services

    Lee Health Cancer Institute offers outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy and infusion services in Fort Myers, FL. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please call 239-343-9500 

  • Nurse Navigation

    Nurse Navigation

    Lee Health Cancer Institute nurse navigators are here to help the patient and family through their cancer journey. From the moment of diagnosis to the treatment plan, our nurse navigators are here for you.

  • Cancer Support Groups

    Cancer Support Groups

    Cancer support groups are gatherings that provide a secure environment for those impacted by the disease to talk about their feelings and experiences with other cancer patients.

  • Cancer Institute

    Cancer Institute

    Lee Health Cancer Institute offers cancer treatment, support, and guidance to adults and children.

  • Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment Program

    Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment Program

    The Lee Health Cancer Institute is here to provide hereditary cancer genetic testing and counseling to patients. Preventative genetic testing can help you look out for higher risk hereditary cancers.

  • Cancer Nutrition Counseling

    Cancer Nutrition Counseling

    Our expert oncology dietitians offer personalized guidance to help you maintain optimal health and manage side effects during your cancer treatment. Learn how proper nutrition can positively impact your journey to recovery! Explore cancer nutrition counseling services at Lee Health.

  • Cancer Rehabilitation

    Cancer Rehabilitation

    Helping cancer patients and survivors recover from side effects and limiting other conditions cause by cancer and its treatments.

  • Cookie's Place Boutique

    Cookie's Place Boutique

    Cookie's Place provides mastectomy products for cancer patients including prosthetics, wigs, sleeves, and more. We offer custom-fitted mastectomy products to help through your active treatment. Visit the store inside the Regional Cancer Center.