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About Pediatric

Aside from separate accreditation and specially trained staff, Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida provides unique services that make it a true children's hospital, rather than simply a hospital with pediatric services. The needs of children and their families are our sole focus.

A key component of our pediatric care is our Child Life Program, which is designed to help children understand and cope with their medical treatment. The goal is to make a child’s treatment experience as positive and stress-free as possible.

Supporting Healing by Reducing Stress

Our certified child life specialists work with children, families, medical staff and the entire healthcare team to participate in the treatment of young patients. Our goal is to minimize the stress of a hospital experience through the following services:

  • Pre-admission and pre-surgical tours
  • Age-appropriate activities in the playroom, teen lounge and bedside
  • Preparation for medical tests, procedures, and surgeries
  • Educational services, including coordination of homebound/hospital teaching and a school re-entry program
  • Special events for fun and learning such as pet therapy, clowns, and other fun activities, as well as planning birthday and holiday celebrations.
  • Providing a sense of normalcy for children who are coping with serious health issues is important to their treatment and recovery. A large part of that normalcy is playing. Playing is a very necessary part of every child’s emotional well- being, especially during times of stress. It allows children to learn and it is a great stress reliever.
  • Reducing stress helps the recovery process and allows children to deal more effectively with their medical situation.

The Whole Child Approach

Beyond the obvious physical aspects of treating children’s serious health issues, we are sensitive to their unique emotional and developmental needs as well. Our certified child life specialists are specially trained to foster a child’s physical and emotional health. This is accomplished by promoting interaction with others, age-appropriate socialization activities, and a healthy dose of simply “letting kids be kids” in a caring and supportive environment.