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Lee Health is now vaccinating anyone age 12+. Click to schedule for age 18+ or click for age 12-17. We kindly ask that you not call our hospitals or physician offices to inquire about vaccine appointments as it overwhelms our phone system.

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Lee Health Covid-19 Vaccine

All the information you need about the COVID-19 Vaccine in Lee County. Bookmark this page for constant updates.

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Vaccination is an important step in ending the COVID-19 pandemic and return to normal life. At Lee Health, we urge you to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Our vaccination clinic is open to anyone age 12+ and you can get an appointment as early as this week.

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    Updates on Lee Health's COVID-19 Vaccine

  • Lee Health Mask Up

    We encourage everyone to wear a mask and practice social distancing while in public. Learn more about Lee Health is doing in the community to protect ourselves and others. #MaskUp #WearAMask #LeeHealthStrong

Have you already received the COVID-19 Vaccine? 

You have just received a dose of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine. Lee Health thanks you for getting vaccinated to protect yourself, your community, and our healthcare workers.

Here are some things you need to know:


If you just received your first dose, the second dose must be given according to manufacturer guidelines, one month from initial day of vaccination.

Side Effects

Side effects from the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine may include fatigue, headache, muscle aches, joint pain, chills, nausea and vomiting, and fever, as well as pain and swelling at the injection site. 

You may also experience tenderness and swelling of the lymph nodes in the same arm of the injection. Most of the side effects are short-lived and will resolve in 24-48 hours. The occurrence of side effects may be more pronounced with the second dose, so you may want to schedule that dose before a day off from work.

If You Experience Side Effects

You may take Tylenol or Advil to alleviate some of your symptoms. Contact your primary care physician for additional non-emergency concerns.

Allergic Reactions

There is a remote chance that the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine could cause a severe allergic reaction shortly after you receive your dose.

For this reason, we will ask that you stay onsite for 15 minutes after your injection.

Signs of a severe allergic reaction can include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling of your face and throat
  • A fast heartbeat
  • A rash on your body
  • Dizziness and weakness

After you leave our site, if you experience a severe allergic reaction, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

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