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Medically Insecure Patients

Who is a considered medically insecure patient?

A medically insecure patient could refer to a patient who has special medical needs that require special accommodations during a natural disaster. This can include patients such as who require electricity for medical equipment including oxygen, nebulizers, IV pumps, etc. or other treatments.

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Registration to reserve a spot in a special needs shelter must be done annually well before a storm approaches. *Lee Health Hospitals are not shelters.*

Before you transport here are some things you need to have ready:

  1. Overnight Bag: Pack an overnight bag that includes your basic toiletry needs, all your current medications, and appropriate medical records or documents related to your care.

  2. Emergency contact information: Create a list of emergency contacts, including family members and home care providers if applicable. Make sure each member of your family has a copy of this list.

  3. Communication plan: Ensure that you have a list of family members, legal representatives, or other individuals who are entitled to communicate with your care providers during your stay. 

  4. Have an Out-of-Town Contact to keep in touch with family members. This person can serve as a point of contact for family members to check in and update them on your medical status.

By taking the time to make a plan with your provider and family you can ensure that you get the important care you need during a natural disaster or emergency.

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