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Clinical Interests:

Infertility management
Gynecologic procedures and surgeries
Birth control management
Patient management for osteoporosis

Languages Spoken:


Patients Treated:



Martin Ebenger, M.D. is an Obstetrician & Gynecologist (OB/GYN).

Meet the Doctor

Hi. I'm Marty Ebenger. I've been blessed to be raised in this community since the age of 12 when I moved from Cleveland, Ohio. I grew up here. I attended Evangelical Christian Bishop Verot. So I'm coming back home. I've been here now for 40-plus years. I really enjoy the area. I'm lucky. I think we all are here to be down south instead of the cold up north. I enjoy practicing general OB-GYN with any type of specialty with regard to infertility, bleeding, minimally invasive surgery. My mom was an OB-GYN nurse, so at a very young age, I was exposed to the OB-GYN field. And I was lucky to see that every day, she came home, and she was happy because she was seeing individuals at the best time of their life in a very happy time. And naturally, I progressed and found the exact same thing. When I graduated from residency, I wanted to come back home to Fort Myers, and Lee at that time was expanding and building up the OB-GYN division. So again, I was lucky that they were expanding, and I could come back home to where I grew up. And I joined Lee basically to come back home and get the opportunity to practice OB-GYN in an area that I was familiar with and loved and knew that I could raise a family and be very happy and comfortable. When I'm not working, I love being with my wife and four kids. I'm a huge college football fan. And I went to University of Miami, so I'm always at or trying to get to a college football game. I'm lucky that I have two kids that are attending University of Florida, so now I travel the University of Florida to see them and do collegic things such as going to the football games. So college sports and family ... can't get better than that.

Education & Training

Medical School:

University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida


Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando, Fla.


Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando, Fla.

Board Certification(s):

Obstetrics & Gynecology