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For Physicians

Lee Health Medical Staff

The medical staff at Lee Health is made up of more than 1,500 physicians. They represent all of the medical and surgical specialties of Cape Coral Hospital, Gulf Coast Medical Center, HealthPark Medical Center, Lee Memorial Hospital and Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

Medical Staff Purpose

The purpose of the Medical Staff of Lee Health is to:

  • Serve as the formal organizational structure of those practitioners granted the privilege of practicing in the hospitals and other facilities of the system.
  • Serve as the primary means for accountability to the Board for the professional performance, the quality of medical care provided to patients, and the ethical conduct of its Medical Staff Members. The Board shall have the ultimate responsibility for the quality of medical care provided to patients and the ultimate authority to approve the granting of Medical Staff membership and/or clinical privileges, and to approve the adoption of Medical Staff bylaws and rules and regulations. Such authority will be exercised based on the standard set forth in Part I, Section 1.2.
  • Provide a means through which Medical Staff members may address with the Board those aspects of policy that involve professional practice or may affect the care of patients.

Education Modules

Click here to access these modules:

  • Patient Safety Module
  • Mandatory Education Module 

Medical Staff Leadership

Lee Health medical staff leadership includes medical staff officers, members-at-large, department chairs, clinical medicine, surgery and pediatric section chiefs.

The Facility Medical Executive Committee, or MEC, is comprised of a group of Medical Staff members responsible for making specific recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval, as well as receiving and acting on reports and recommendations from medical staff committees, clinical departments or services, and assigned activity groups.

Department Chairs

Department Chairs are made up of a group of Medical Staff members responsible for facilitating Medical Staff activities within a specific Department and overseeing all administratively-related activities of the Department otherwise provided for by the Facility and/or across the Health System.

Lee Health’s medical staff departments include Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Radiology and Surgery.

Section Chiefs

Within the Departments of Medicine and Surgery are Clinical Sections representing a full variety of subspecialties. The Department Sections for Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatric Medicine are made up of a group of Medical Staff members responsible for facilitating Medical Staff activities within a specific facility and/or across the Health System.

Physician Leadership Council

The Physician Leadership Council, or PLC, represents all physicians who practice within Lee Health's facilities and serves to promote communication, collaboration and MEC coordination between Medical Staff Members, Health System Administration and the Board concerning the work of each MEC and the planning activities of Lee Health that impact Medical Staff Members.

Medical Staff Services Offered

As a member of the Lee Health medical staff, we want to make sure that you and your patients have an ExceptionalLee experience at Lee Health. We hope that the resources available on this site are just one of the many ways that we can facilitate efficient communication between the hospital and our physicians.

  • Credentialing, re-credentialing and privileging processes for medical and allied health professional staff;
  • Support of the Medical Executive Committees, Credentialing Committee, Department Meetings, Physician Leadership Council Committee, Bylaws Committee and others as assigned;
  • Ensuring that all Medical Staff members and Allied Health Professional members are properly vetted according to the requirements of the Medical Staff bylaws, federal and state government, as well as by regulatory agencies by providing primary-source and accurate verification services;
  • Maintenance of the Medical Staff bylaws, rules and regulations, credentialing database and data reporting of credentials for medical and allied health professional staff;
  • Additionally, our staff serve as liaisons between the medical staff, administration and other departments at Lee Health.