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Online CME Courses

Continuing Your Medical Education

Online CME Overview

Each Online CME link will direct you to our CME management system called eeds. Learner must view the presentation in its entirety and complete a post test and course evaluation. When you complete the quiz and evaluation you will have the option to print/save a certificate. Please save the certificate for your records. 

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: All author(s), contributor(s), editor(s), and CME Office Reviewer(s) state that they do not have any financial arrangements with commercial interests that could constitute a conflict of interest.

Current Online Courses

Patient Safety (1 CME Credit) - Begin Course

HIV/AIDS (1 CME Credit) - Begin Course

Florida Laws, Rules and Medical Ethics (1 CME Credit) - Begin Course

2022 CMS Split Share and Critical Care Updates (1 CME Credit) - Begin Course 

Human Trafficking (1 CME Credit) - Begin Course

Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) (1 CME Credit) - Begin Course

Prevention of Medical Errors (2 CME) Begin Course

Domestic Violence (2022 To 2025) (2 CME) - Begin Course

Taming the Dragon: The Opioid Epidemic in the 21st Century (2022 To 2025)  (1 CME) - Begin Course

Heart and Vascular Institute Enduring Material

HVI- Safe Vascular Access (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI- Antithrombotic in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI- Left Atrial Appendage Closure (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI - Optimizing Duplex Ultrasonography (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) – Begin Course

HVI – Open Artery Ischemia (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course 

HVI – Specialty Medications in Cardiology: Newer therapies and Overview (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI – Amyloid Heart Disease (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI - Gaps in Referral to Cardiac Rehabilitation (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI – Echocardiography-Constriction versus Restrictive Physiology and Findings (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI – Guidelines & Clinical Application of Coronary CTA (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI – Cardiotoxicity of Cancer Therapy (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI – Sudden Cardiac Death Truly Sudden? (2022 TO 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

HVI- High Sensitivity Troponin (2022 to 2025) (.50 CME) - Begin Course

HVI- Heart Centers for Women – the Time is Now! (2022 to 2025) (1 CME) - Begin Course

Heart and Vascular Institute Presents Interesting ECHO Cases (1 CME) Begin Course

Concepts of Coronary Artery Disease (1 CME Credit) - Begin Course

Aortic Stenosis, a Case Based Approach (1 CME Credit) Begin Course   

Can We Eliminate Coronary Artery Disease in Our Life? (1 CME Credit) Begin Course

Controlled Substances

New Mandatory Requirement for 2-Hour Prescribing Controlled Substances (Opioid) CME Course

All DEA licensed physicians that are authorized to prescribe controlled substances MUST complete a 2-hour continuing education course on prescribing controlled substances offered by a statewide professional organization.

This 2-hour course MUST be completed at each subsequent renewal.

It can be taken by correspondence, online, or at a live conference or meeting.

Florida Osteopathic Medical Association is providing this course online.

Click here to take the FMA Course

Click here to take the FOMA Course

MAT X-waiver for Physicians and Advanced Providers

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) of Substance Use Disorders involves a combination of a medications that targets the brain, and psychosocial interventions (e.g., counseling, skills development) aimed at improving treatment outcomes. Research shows that medications and therapy together may be more successful than either treatment method alone.

Click Here for Training

Disclosure: This event /activity is not supported by the FMA or the Lee Health CME Dept. Providers Clinical Support Center (PCSS) is offering physicians and advanced providers free training and CME for the X-waiver requirement to prescribe Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder.