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For New Credentialed Providers

We would like to welcome you to Lee Health. To provide you with consistent information in an easily accessible format before you arrive to take care of patients, you must review all the presentations bulleted below.

Orientation Presentations:

Orientation Presentation for Obstetrics:


As part of the initial credentialing process, you are required to complete the Staff Mandatory Education Module/Course and the Patient Safety CME.  Privileges will not be granted until the Staff Mandatory Education Module and Patient Safety CME are completed.


Print quiz and return with application.

CLICK HERE to print the Staff Mandatory education quiz.

CLICK HERE to view the Staff Mandatory education module.


60 Minute Video, on-line quiz and evaluation: The Patient Safety CME is an on-line video, after watching the video, complete the on-line quiz and evaluation.   

A few important notes before you begin:

  • This video has three segments that will run continuously.
  • You may PAUSE the video anytime, but you cannot rewind or fast forward until you have viewed in its entirety.  If you do not, you will have to start over.
  • Make sure your audio is on.

CLICK HERE to view the video and complete the embedded quiz and evaluation for this CME course.                    


Print form and return with application.

CLICK HERE to print the acknowledgement form. This form attests that you have received a copy of the mandatory education information, patient safety CME, restraints policy and behavioral restraints progress note form.

Epic Inpatient Provider E-Learning Modules

Our goal at Lee Health is to equip our providers with the best tools available to create a safe and effective care delivery environment for our patients. Lee Health utilizes the Epic System© electronic health record to manage our patient care. Epic computer training is required based on a provider's practice needs.

You MUST complete this e-learning prior to your Epic training.

CLICK HERE to proceed to the E-Learning modules.


What you need to know - review these materials at our earliest convenience.