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PRN Employment

Flexibility to work 0-40 hours per week in a rewarding environment on your terms, close to home

Not complete: Will look like Career Pathways/Nursing page 

PRN Benefits:

  • Flexibility: Is great for work/life balance. You and your leader work out the average number of hours worked per 2 week pay period. Many departments require a minimum of two shifts per pay period/
  • Self-scheduling: is frequently offered in PRN positions
  • Career Growth: Sometimes the best way to get on board with Lee Health is to be hired into a PRN position.
  • Promotions: Lee Health prefers to promote from within
  • Get to know Lee Health: the leader, teammates, duties, and culture
  • Paid flat rate per hour at midpoint of the salary range since PRN is not eligible for full or part-time benefits
  • System benefits for PRNs like cafeteria discount and more


Typically, leaders hire team members who are experienced enough in their role that they do not need an extensive orientation and training period. Therefore, experienced applicants will be considered for these openings unless the job posting states otherwise.