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Standards of Behavior

Team Member Commitment: Standards of Behavior

We are a well respected health system dedicated to providing a caring, compassionate, safe, and healthy environment for staff, patients, family members, and visitors. At Lee Health, we firmly believe that every member of our team makes a difference every day in the lives of our patients. For this reason, we hold ourselves to high standards.


Every patient or customer is our top priority when we are serving them and deserves courtesy, respect, and a friendly interaction.


How we and our facilities look says a lot about our system. We keep neat, tidy, and professional at all times.

Customer Care

We take total care of our patients – keeping their information in the highest confidence, anticipating their needs, explaining information and instructions in clear, understandable language, and letting them and their families know what to expect (and when).


We talk and listen with courtesy and concern, seeking both to understand and be understood.

Peer Relationships

We act and treat each other as the professionals we are whenever we work together.